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  • Insanity Forum Rules

    Forum Rules
    • Main Language
      Our Forums are English based. English must be spoken at all times. However, names/quotes/sayings etc. in avatar, profile picture and signature are allowed to have different languages, as long as they follow the other rules (no racism, foul language etc.).
      Any other language may only be spoken through Private Messages and not Visitor Messages.
    • Respect/Inappropriate Language
      Players of Insanity flyff come from all around the world and from a range cultural and religious backgrounds. Our mission is to create a fun and engaging game for all our players, therefore language that is considered offensive, racist, obscene or otherwise inappropriate should not be used in chat or as a username. Spreading any personal information of players without permission of said player is not allowed.
    • Multiple Threads
      Creating more than one thread on the same subject will result in the closure of the thread and a warning for the creator. Please check the section you are posting in beforehand.
    • Off-Topic Comments
      Please don't post irrelevant replies that don't contribute to the thread. Some threads don't seek a definite answer or serve a general purpose, so there's more room for discussion. However if they do seek an answer or serve a purpose, please refrain from going off-topic or repeating the same answer.
    • Necroposting
      Please refrain from necroposting; don't reply to a thread where the last post was over 20 days ago. The following sections are excluded (you can revive the thread as long as your post has a contributing factor): Marketplace and Guides.
    • Correct Use Of Forums And Sub-Forums
      Any new threads created must be posted in their designated section. If you are not sure where to post, use the search option or PM one of the staff members.
    • Post Report
      Every post has a Report Post button on the top right corner. Use this if you think the selected post is violating any of our rules.
    • Marketplace And Price Check
      Each member can only have ONE thread in the Marketplace. The use of different forum accounts to by-pass this rule is not allowed. "Guild" selling threads are not allowed. You can only sell your own items.

      You can have as many threads in Price Check as you want. However, threads posted within 24 hours of each other will be seen as spam and will be removed.
    • In Possession Of More Than One Forum Account
      The possession of more than one forum account is not allowed. This is to keep everything as clear as possible. Once you are banned you are not allowed to create a new account. Any alternative accounts will be banned.
    • PG-13
      Insanity flyff's ToS (Terms of Service) operate and regulate under PG-13 guidelines and consequently comply with VBulletin's general guidelines. Sharing or publicizing content and/or material that's deemed inappropriate is strictly prohibited. This refers to pornographic material (borderline material should be censored).
    Anyone caught violating these rules will be punished accordingly. If you wish to appeal for your ban, create a ticket on our ticket support system with the "I got banned!" topic.