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Staff Blog #2 - Teasers, Spoilers and much more!

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  • Staff Blog #2 - Teasers, Spoilers and much more!

    Staff Blog #2

    Hey everyone,

    We are back with the 2nd entry to our staff-blog!
    Since so many of you have been asking for it, today we will be covering some of the design descisions behind the Siege update.
    Of course, most of the changes are top-secret but with a nod of our Community Manager Wik "TheFlyingDutch" Yousername, we can reveal more stuff to be excited about!

    So let's start right off!

    We will be adding a brand new NPC to the game, called "CrownShop". This shop will hold a variety of extremely valuable and powerful items in rotation.
    You will not be able to purchase anything out of this shop with Siege Chips however, instead you need to be actively competing in Siege to obtain items from this NPC.
    One of these items will be new PvP Cloaks, and because we cannot wait to show you either, here is one of them! Click here

    Talking about actively participating in Siege, the new update aims to make getting your hands on the Crown more rewarding and unique.
    Obtaining it will be highly challenging and will require you to prove that you as a guild aren't lucky, but the most powerful.

    We have also found a way to balance Siege out without destroying its core mechanics and while you will most likely not see a Bow-Harlequin, another class will return to playability in Siege.

    All of these things just scratch the surface of what's about to come.
    Our devs are working 7 days a week right now, which is also because they want to take the crown away from each other on the testing servers.

    Be ready!

    P.S: Read the Text Carefully and use your Imagination, besides the Obvious Spoiler, we tried to Tease with the way the Text is written. However, there is alot more !