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Staff Blog #1 - Dear Community, we have to talk!

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  • Staff Blog #1 - Dear Community, we have to talk!

    Staff Blog #1

    Hello folks, and welcome to the very first edition of Insanity's Staff Blog. We thought it might be cool to show you some insights of what we are currently working on and give you a peek inside the staff! We will start doing this more often if it turns out that it's liked by you, the Insanians.

    Usually you will only see minor interaction from the Admin Team, limited to announcement (most of the time). But what are we doing if we're not swinging a banhammer or making a news post? This blog will hopefully enlighten you a bit on what goes on, to keep your grindy gears from rusting!

    Let's start off and we begin with...

    Server Activity & Marketing

    You might have experienced more crowding in the cities of Madrigal lately, we did hit a player peak a few weeks ago..
    This peak has not been caused by our beloved collectors, but also thanks to our targeted advertising and advertising trials that we use to reach a wider audience. We have been improving our ads on all aspects as well better targeting. We hope we can continue this trend to bring more, new and old people to Insanity.

    We have been working hard on supporting multiple languages on our client, and this, along with a few languages that have already been translated, will be coming to us soon!
    So far we have translated our whole client into Chinese and Tagalog! We hope to add support for more languages over time. Translating everything is quite a lot of work! There are many phrases, items, skills, descriptions etc. so if you are interested in helping out, let us know. All the files needed for translation are readily available in our client in the Lang folder.


    We have been focusing more on YouTube as well. With the help of our beast of a video editor & GM, Lizzard, videos have been more consistent and of much better quality than ever!
    We are working out some of the logistics of streaming in the future as well. Streamed events perhaps? Who knows ;) We encourage you to subscribe to our channel to keep up to date.

    If you have any unique video ideas, feel free to share them with us!

    Siege, Updates?! SENPAI plx!!

    This might be the most Interesting part for a lot of people. We have teased a Siege update on our YouTube channel, in case you missed it you can watch it here.

    What is this about?
    Since this is an 'Inside Letter' we will try to not spoil it for you, but we'll give you some hints! For a while now there's been issues with Siege.. whether caused by players, wonky mechanics or unfair advantages..
    Some issues are new, and it turned it from a guild siege into a full on war. A war that couldn't be fixed with new rules or punishment.

    Long story short; it didn't help. After a lot of pondering and weighing out the options, we might just have the solution.

    A BIG update for Siege is coming. We wish we could tell you all the details, because the hype is real.. but we have to keep the details to ourselves for now.
    Go inside yourself and watch the Teaser over and over! Use your Imagination cause it show's you in which direction we're going.

    But let's be serious bois and girls, there wouldn't be so much fire if it wasn't l i t !
    It will involve an overhaul, a new -more rewarding- system, and bells and whistles.

    If you're a PvEr, we have to disappoint you.. We don't like you.
    Besides Siege there's a lot more in the works regarding PvE! We haven't spoken much about it in public yet, because we don't want to disappoint you with deadlines we (might) not meet. V2 was big, but you haven't even seen half of it yet..

    What about RE:Insanity (Insanity HD)?

    Yes, it still exists and it's still in development.. Is it a meme? A dead meme perhaps? Not quite! Developer Pumaaa worked a lot on the project in the last months. And what can I say? The release is next week! - jk, let's be serious.
    We have made made big strides with the last beta testing and fixed many of bugs and bunnies. More than you can imagine!
    The work on HD has been set on hold since 2 weeks to make time for the upcoming Live updates with new awesome stuff (which is also compatible with HD so the Dev time is not thrown away).

    I hope you had a great read and are hopefully hyped for a lot of things to come, even if you don't really know what it really is yet.
    If you have any feedback for this kind of 'Newsletter' feel free to contact me in Discord. I will always try to reply but forget to reply sometimes, so don't be mad at me!

    See you in-game!