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  • Change your Password!

    Hello Insanians!

    Please reconsider changing your passwords! We have had an influx of compromised accounts and as a precaution please do so!

    We also recommend to not use any third Partys Programs like F-Tool and so on, as it could Contain Keyloggers etc.
    If you used any tools in the past we suggest you also to scan your PC for potentially spyware etc!

    Stay Safe!

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    Due to all the recent surge in account hacking we have decided to change the encryption we are using for player passwords to invalidate all current passwords and force players to update them. Your current passwords will no longer work, and you will have to change your Website password and the passwords for all your ingame accounts. For Security reasons please: -Use a different password then your current one, -Do not use the same password as other websites, -Consider changing your pin so its not 1111 or 1234, -Insanity Staff will never ask for your character Passwords or Pins