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Staff Update (GM's + RE)

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  • Staff Update (GM's + RE)

    Dear Insanians,

    Game Masters

    GM Tine (Moschina) will be stepping down due to unknown time of availability over the next few months.

    GM Ari (Felinor) has been fired after an investigation where was determined she has been found guilty of hosting some events unfairly.
    This may have lead to certain people winning due to an unfair advantage, either purposefully or accidentally.

    Regardless of these two GM's leaving us, we would like to thank them for their positive contributions to the community!

    Our two trial GM's (GM iTerrygees & GM Manessa) have been promoted to 'GM'!

    RE: Insanity

    We would like to thank everyone who has helped us with bug reports for RE so far. Our Developers are working around the clock to fix these issues in a timely matter in order for live implementation to happen sooner rather than later. If you are unaware of what RE is, head on over to our Discord server and find the "#re-info" channel to learn more. --> Discord Link

    - The Insanity Team