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EU-based GM Found?!

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  • EU-based GM Found?!

    Dear Insanians, please welcome;

    Felinor / Ari

    After much thought and consideration we decided to put Felinor / Ari on trial.
    During this period she will be carrying out regular GM responsibilities and held to the same standards as any other staff member.


    We would like to thank everyone for applying!
    We have given most of your applications a lot of thought, so we thank you for your efforts, but this time around you won't be given a trial.
    Sanimal STRanger taratex Skipper19 correyging Four20 Eagz iTwan Dott SketchZ Kevin
    You are welcome to give it another go when applications are open again.


    Applications written for the wrong timezone have been kept in the Application section for future applications. (there might be a US/Asia based hire in the near future)
    If your application has been removed, but you would like to keep the text, contact me directly on Discord to be given the contents.