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    Topic:Collosseum stage mechanic improvements

    Suggestion: Make Hard/Legendary mode more interesting, details below

    Give every class a unique purpouse:

    Tank-luring, debuffing:
    Increasing sc to 2x multiplayer (as planned), this way sword templars will be also apreciated as dps class while it simultaneously fixes the class to the better in both pvp and pve.

    Spawning less imps from bosses and more Da Bomb or some extra mobs with less dmg as Da Bomb but same resists (harle/cs can take care of it meantime with 2-3 poison arrows or one HoP), boms or similar resist mobs with up to 100m hp can also be randomly spawned on later stages for these classes to be more usefull, meta, seraph and templar can also tank them to dmg them via reflect.

    Random magic minion mobs added on some stages to make it more interesting.

    These two dps classes shine brightest and are mostly sought for full str dps balance, so give them a purpouse to use their native builds to their fullest.

    On certain colo stages spawn 3 totem/statue like mobs on the outer colosseum ring so slayer, fm and mybe a templar for sc can focus them down with their full str pve primal build, this toems should do no dmg or low single target dmg (up to 2-3mil if a DD templar is ment to tank it), but have fairly high hp (around 50,000,000,000hp with Physical resist->high for each statue, fm slayer+templar should be able to dps all 3 fullstr in 6-7mins), there are also play mechanics tank lures main boss away for some classes to clear small mobs or statues full dmg and other classes focusing the boss meantime.

    In general medium, hard and Legendary imps damage should get nerfed (if unlucky they can also autoattack+aoe one person on the same time, which causes potencial death and issues like boss agro swapping)

    25% dmg nerf on imp aoe, reworking imp auto attack to hit low, increase imp spawn on some stages and decrease spawn in other stages. Boss hp or stage mechanics ahould be also re-arranged.

    **More mob types**
    Possibility of adding event like similar stat mobs as zombies/nymphs/killer bunny stat mobs with around 400-800 more hp (1dmg per hit/bleed proc) that tank or support seraph/dd has to lure and spawn howling strike or some kind of bleed skill every once in a while to defeat them), while other classes can also utilize their bleed skills on them to help in case the time is running out. This is also where support seraph can shine in colo since merkaba procs many hits, and tank is encouraged to use howling strikeforthesemobs meantime tanking boss.

    **BOSS DEBUFF reworks+support seraph**
    As we know some bosses cast skills, while reworking those bosses try to rework a boss to have a 60% chance of casting a 15second aoe debuffonplayers with -400pve absorb, the boss should do around 1m base AOE dmg (1.5m in rage) which is increased to 4mil (6m) with the debuff amplification, this way people will have to time their holy scrolls and swap to hp incase holy is in cd, also support seraphs have a great use with their gvur, potentially ONE dmg dealer could stay full dmg with two seraphs supporting him with gvur and having his holy ready when -absorb debuff hits. This way seraphs and the supported dd have to play active and carefull.

    Reward multiplyers:
    Allow ressurection option to not effect rewards this much mybe 10% less as with no ressurection. Because you already lose time with dieing and if you run without ressurection seraphs are unappreciated.

    Long thing short, make the reworked colo hard/legendary more active, to a point harder but with making it more interesting and most specially team oriented, with reworking resists, hp, adding special mobs to particular stages and vastly varrying imp spawn chance and fight tactics from stage to stage.

    Alot of suggested mechanic/mobs already exist, i know implementing some stuff might probe troublesome, but i have faith you guys will try your best to make the game more vertisile step by step, for any clarifications please contact me.

    Edit: added reasons
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