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How do I start on this server ?

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  • How do I start on this server ?

    So I recently started playing and noticed that looking at damage and prices for gear its pretty hard to get at your first part of actual non penya gear. I´m a Arcanist who makes 2m in highest damage (Link attack several scrolls + buffs and what not) with about 250k in hp. I really need to know since I need a system to actually get this arcanist up. I´m really trying grinding and farming like a idiot I mean I made like 8p in 1 hour. Then I see the prices in saint and think to myself if its really worth it grinding literally atleast 100 hours straight just to get put in an area of damage everyone will laugh at. So my question now is How did you guys start ? How did you guys went from 0-100 ? Its hard let alone finding someone to run dungeons with and actually having them by side for it. I appreciate your answers and will read them trough ^^

    Greetings, Bobo

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    Get basic gear, malefic staff (Blue chip shop/market; Saint Morning) tenshi set (Blue chip shop/market; Saint Morning), stated 200ip set (website or market; Saint Morning) and libras jewels set (website or market; Saint Morning).
    Try to awake all pieces with 2x ia 1x pve or 2x pve 1x ia and get 3 lines on ALL awakes. Try to get more ia then pve and also, try get some runes and some cards.

    Also, join our Discord channel:
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      Bobo, check out my video - I made 100p/hour in the penya farming map. ...And I had 4m damage, so I mean with your 2m damage, you should atleast be able to pull in a nice chunk of what I made.... Idk what in the hell you are doing to only make 8p/hour..? With your 250k hp, you will probably have to hit and run a little bit to maximize earnings, but it's still quite possible - and HEY... Hit and run can be very fun... Keeps you engaged!

      ALSO... If you need a Giftbox Crystal (+1 drop), I'll let you join my guild. (It's an expensive Guild house piece) ....Do you have a couple? Pupils? Able to do that? ...Cloak of honor?

      here's the video: