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[CLOSED] GM Application Form

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  • [CLOSED] GM Application Form

    Before you apply for GM, please read this thread thoroughly. As a Game Master you are not just here to hop in game and host events whenever. There are certain skills you need to be able to cope with what the job involves. Players will be rude to you, and they will push you to your limits like a class of high school kids with an intern teacher. Remain patient, neutral and deal with situations as they come. Communicate with your fellow Game Masters and higher-ups as much as you can.

    - Good understanding of the English language
    - Ability to stay neutral and provide neutral feedback
    - Good knowledge of the game (Insanity) and its custom features
    - Ability to dedicate at least 10 hours a week to the job
    - Hosting a minimum of 4 events a week


    Q: What is expected of me as a GM?
    A: As a GM you do not only host events. Although it can be a big part of the job, the main priority of being a GM is to communicate the players needs to the rest of the staff, to improve the overall experience of the game. Events are just there for entertainment purposes, and provide something different from the regular grinds that are already set in game. We expect that you are creative enough to think of different type of events to mix things up, and that you are aware of the requirements listed above.
    You may be asked by an Admin to work on things outside of the game, which may include Discord, Forums, Wiki or SNS.

    Q: Do I get paid?
    A: You get paid on a monthly basis with iPoints. These iPoints will be put on your main account.

    Q: What kind of powers do I get?
    A: Discord/Forums GM status with ability to warn / kick / ban.
    In-game: invisible, undying, teleport, summon, event rewards, system shout.

    Q: Where do I apply?
    A: Here, Create a topic with a relevant title!

    Q: I can't see my topic after I posted it. Why?
    A: Only staff members can see your topic. If you wish to make edits, post it again and add "v2" to the title.

    Q: I applied before, what should I do?
    A: You may apply again. But please follow the new format, and read this thread thoroughly before you do so.

    Application Format

    Please follow the format. You may add any additional information at the end of your application.
    Discord is a required form of communication for any staff member.

    Name / IGN: your nickname or real name + main character
    Guild: if any
    Sex: male / female
    Residence + Timezone: the country you live in and its timezone
    Discord ID: example; user#4093 - Add yous#4093 on Discord if you are applying!
    Languages: mention your level of fluency for each

    A bit about yourself:
    Experience on Insanity:
    Availability during a regular week: think of your work / school schedule, only add certain availability
    Previous staff experience: list them in order
    Why should we hire you?