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Zero to Endgame Guide (Part 4 - Week 1)

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  • Zero to Endgame Guide (Part 4 - Week 1)

    {continuation of the Zero to EndGame Guide}
    [Zero to EndGame Guide](Part3)

    [Day 7] - Forgotten Island Farming, Guild House Furniture and Priest SET!

    Lets start the day right with Farming in Forgotten Isand for 2hours straight!
    Drop+ Stats Counter
    COH = GB+1
    Xtal+4 Weap = GB+1
    Giftbox Buff = GB+1
    Party Buffs Gift Box = GB+1
    Scroll of Aqui = GB+1
    GuildHouse Crystal = GB+1
    Total GB = 6

    Party Buffs Fortune Drop = DropRate +?
    Lord's Event = Drop Rate +25%
    Lord's Cheer = DropRate +10%
    GuildHouse Flooring = DropRate +5%

    Golden Banana = Penya +25%
    Zombie Brainzzzz = Penya +15%
    GuildHouse Bookshelf = Penya +10%
    Total Penya% = 50%

    Right now we have:
    GiftBox +6
    DropRate +40%++
    Penya +50%

    12minutes in we already have a Shade Orb

    And Thats 2 Hours!
    Total Haul:
    93 Perin
    64,404 RedChips
    x9 Shade Rift Orb
    93 + 128 + 180
    = 401 Perin's Worth of Loots!

    With this much Lets head to Market to Sell our Loots and Buy Priest Parts Clean and x4 Lightning 4% Cards!

    Priest Parts Should Cost 50-75p for the Helm, Gaunt and Boots while the Suit can go up to 100-150p

    After awhile, we managed to get our hands on a set!

    Helm = 50p
    Suit = 125p
    Gaunt = 50p
    Boots = 50p
    x4 Lightning Card 10% = 48p
    = -323 from our balance

    After, you already know whats next!
    Upgrades and Awakes!

    Now with all that done, lets see our Weeks Progress!

    The New Priest Set along with our Inventory Overview!

    Our Jewelry! i upgraded the Rings to +20, the Earrings and Neck can be as-is.

    Our Fashion and its Awakes

    Lastly our Weapon and Shield plus our Pets.

    This is our total progress for the entire week, we managed to reach this far with nothing but 3 hours per day and 2 of that was spent mostly farming.
    With this, we can safely assume that we are doing 400p+ per 2 hours or 200perin per Hour.

    Now lets go get Voting!

    Were nearly there! just 200vp to go.

    That Sums up what we have achieved this week!
    the next time we vote well recieve the x1000 UAS Pack!
    From there on the real Grinding begins!

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    Hey Gabsy,

    I just wanted to thank you for your massive work and dedication you've put into your zero to endgame series! I recently joined insanity again after years of absence and was overwhelmed with all the systems. Following your guide made coming back so much easier! I hope you will continue this series :)

    I was wondering if we should use the 1000 awake scrolls on the seraph set or wait for something better? And if there are other farming maps we might switch to at a later point? (Like shade rift)


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      I would like to say a big thanks to you ..

      I have ever play this game since was a little girl. And stopped to play with lvl 15 that why.....Im a newbie for this game. I wondered all time What am i to do? How to do? Where i have to go?

      your guild make me go on the right way. Hope to see you on the next episode on this series. Love you


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        Esperando con ansias la siguiente parte.
        Estás creando una guía perfecta para principiantes :')