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Zero to Endgame Guide (Part 2)

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  • Zero to Endgame Guide (Part 2)

    {continuation of the Zero to EndGame Guide}
    [Zero to EndGame Guide]

    [Day 3] - Forgotten Island Second Try! and Market Shopping! $.$

    Lets start the day right with farming Forgotten Island!
    using the card we bought yesterday and the Drop Rate Prems aswel as our Cloak of Honor
    we get about +2 Giftbox and 10% Drop Rate

    Drop+ Stats Counter
    COH = GB +1
    Party Bufs GiftBox = GB +1
    Scroll of Aqui = GB +1
    Total GB = 3

    Party Buffs FortuneDrop = DropRate +?
    Lord's Event = DropRate +25%
    Lord's Cheer = DropRate +10%
    Total DropRate = 35%++

    Right now we have:
    GiftBox +3
    DropRate +35%++

    Our Damage already increased by Leaps and Bounds!

    1 Hour down, prems expired
    Lets Check our Haul!

    21k Redchips and 27perin! now were talking!

    with this much earned, lets go ahead and splurge!

    To the Market!
    Lets go to Channel 1 [Saint Morning Square]

    We got 2 things to do here and thats Selling our "Red Chips" and buying a "Baku Imperial Stick", "x10 Water Card A" and "x4 Lightning Card 7%"
    These are the values in terms of "Blue Chips", lets try buying from a player instead!

    After that lets assess our inventory
    -Sold 25k RedChips = 50p (x10k = 20p)
    -Bought a Baku Imperial Stick = 10p
    -Bought Water A Box = 5p
    -Bought Lightning Card 7% Box = 5p

    now we are left with 57perin

    Lets get Upgrading!
    head to [Jewel Manager] Peach and turn our Sunstones and Moonsones for a "Shining Oricalkum"
    x5 / x5 = x1 Rate
    Lets do 200 Shining Ori's

    Next lets buy an Asylum Seraph Set

    Time for Upgrades!

    Try not to burn too much Shining Ori's with your Weap, Making it +20 is really hard and would require atleast 1k Shining Ori's

    After lets go ahead and put Diamonds into our Weapon, Pierce and Set our Water Cards.
    if you forgot out to do that just head to
    [Gear Improvement GUIDE]

    Same with our Asylum Suit, lets Upgrade and Pierce it and slot our Lightning Card 7%'s

    Lets go and Awake our new pieces and compare the increase

    Next lets check our Stats Before!

    and After!

    Thats not much increase but well get there!

    Dont forget to Vote! our next goal will be the x1000 UAS in Vote Shop thats worth 1200VP (thats 6 Days!)

    [Day 4] - Couples and Crystal COVE!! @[email protected]


    Leveling till 21 will only take 1 hour and 30minutes
    (it only requires you to stay online with your couple)

    Today lets go and make a couple while farming, we could have done this on the 1st day but it depends on you when you want to.

    Lets try out Crystal Cove!
    This Instance Dungeon (Party Required) is accesible in Flaris, Saint Morning and Darkon Town.

    Lets enter!, dont forget to coordinate with your party!
    simply notifying them of you whereabouts is a big help for you and your party

    They deal quite a punch, we only need about 100 Crystal Transformation Stones here for our Crystal Upgrade so well stop after getting the amount we want.

    Now lets head to Mars Mine with our remaining "Prems" to farm Suntones and Moonstones for "Shining Ori's"

    Quite the increase from our first time farming here, and weve only been farming for 40mins!

    While we been farming our Couple has been getting EXP, and were already Lvl21!

    Check your MailBox for the couple rewards, well recieve a Balloon we can use later

    Next lets go ahead and Open some "Treasure Chests"

    well stop at Lv151's, that should be enough for now with our Extra Prems

    Next lets go get upgrading to Crystal !
    Lets turn in our Suns and Moons for Shining Ori's, 500 will do hopefully well get +20 this time

    +18 Lets keep Going!

    +19 Nearly there!

    And Finally! +20!, not gonna lie that was a close one, we might have had to farm Mars Mine again!

    Next lets head on to the Crystal Upgrader NPC

    Using the CTS we farmed in Cove lets make our item into a Crystal Weap!

    Now thats done lets upgrade using Crystal Enhance Scrolls
    +4 on Registry is fine, well only be wanting the +1 Giftbox and +15% PvE Dmg

    Now lets try on our luck and farm FI again!
    now with our additional Prems and Giftbox+1 and DropRate +5% from our Lv21 Couple

    Not Bad! A significant increase from where we started!

    Now lets just sell our Loots and Buy [ B]Defenders Jewelry Set[/B] plus x10 "Zombie Brainzzz" and x10 "Golden Bananas" (these two will increase the Penya Drop of monsters the next time we farm)
    Lets go to Market!

    We found someone who gave us some for FREE!, they usually cost about 20+perin but today a good samaritan saved us some perins!
    (This almost happens everytime you go to market, just ask and people would sometimes give them for free :D)

    Next our goul is about 7,500 Blue Chips for a full 5/5 Defender Jewelry Set

    We managed to sell our 35k Redchips for 70Perin - 45+Perin from 7500 BC

    Lets head back to Flaris to upgrade!

    With early Jewelry +15 should be fine and you dont really have to upgrade the Necklace

    This is Before

    and This is After! Quite the difference,

    and now we have excess Speed, lets change one of our awaked items with Speed and DCT

    Thats all for today! lets see our overall change

    now thats a successful 3 hour grind!

    Dont forget to Vote! Remember were aiming for the 1200VP Cloak of Honor!

    {continuation of the Zero to EndGame Guide}
    [Zero to EndGame Guide](Part 3)

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    Have you found any Quints other than Life, Earth, Water and Soul? Those are the only ones that I know that you can acquire instead of crafting. Kinda seems Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox weird to be able to harvest those and not the rest.