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  • Red's Awakening Guide

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    Hello! My Guides are basically based on spreadsheets made on Microsoft Excel that help you to balance your character. They are always based on real flyff formulas and relationships between stats.

    The main philosophy of my work is: every character is unique! Pre-made builds are not optimal for everyone; "Mix" awakenings sometimes does not deliver the same "value" as they would in other "mix" combination damage-wise. STA and HP% awakenings combinations for Full Sta or Full Damage builds are different... and so on!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	HP.png Views:	0 Size:	12.8 KB ID:	6295

    • Test different equipment and awakenings without actually owning them or testing in game. You will know, beforehand, what HP you will have.
    • Rank your awakenings from Worse to Best HP-wise. Very important if you're considering reawakening!
    • Compare awakenings whether they are equipped or not.
    • Know how many lines of STA and HP% you need to reach your desired HP.
    • Know how many lines of STA and HP% you need to reach the maximum HP possible.

    There is only one version that should work on every Microsoft Excel. The HP Reach and Max HP tabs requires the Solver to be enabled. Check the instructions in the respective tabs.
    How it works - Quick tutorial

    Attention! In the tab named "UI" you must inform all sources of STA and HP% you have. You can even compare the amount of STA in the "Total STA in Full STA (for reference)" cell with the in game STA (hotkey "H"). If you've done EVERYTHING correctly, your Calculated HP should match your in game HP (the error should be minimum, less than 10k in 14m+ HP characters).

    Tip 1: If the STA in the cell "Total STA in Full STA (for reference)" matches the in game STA (hotkey "H"), but your in game HP does not matches the calculated, you are missing some HP%.
    Tip 2: I would recommend unequipping all your items, and as you equip one-by-one, you add their stats to the sheet. Maybe you wont get lost.

    When, and only when you HP in the UI tab matches your in game HP, you can use the other tabs.

    Designed for lvl 300 to 350.

    BETA v2 Version:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Prob.png Views:	0 Size:	12.9 KB ID:	6296

    • Know the probability of getting the desired awakening (or higher) for a given amount of scrolls (tries). This is important when you have limited resources (money/scrolls);
    • Know if reawaking your gear might be a good idea: if you don't have enough scrolls/money and your desired awakening is too rare... maybe you shouldn't gamble;
    • Know how rare is a certain awakening;
    • Compare UAS and EAS and realize, with data, how OP EAS really is.

    There are two versions: one general that should work in every Microsoft Office, and another that I believe is tied to Office 365. This one uses a different "programming" and to my eyes should be more reliable... but as far as I tested, both are working equally.

    How it works - Quick tutorial

    When you inform a STAT, Minimum Value and Scroll Amount, the sheet checks all possible combinations that matches the Stat + Minimum Value (and the values higher), their probabilities, and then calculates the chance to get that for that amount of scrolls. Actually, that's a bit more complicated but that's basically how it works.


    All Microsoft Offices:

    Microsoft Office 365:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Mult.png Views:	0 Size:	14.5 KB ID:	6297

    • Maximize your damage multiplier based on your items and the awakenings you can obtain.
    • Informs the best combination of ADOCH%, PvE% and Ia%.
    • Compare and rank your awakenings damage-wise!
    • Get to know the equivalency of your awakening in ADOCH%, PvE% and Ia% alone.
    • Get to know some information about Ia% and PvE% balancing!

    There is only one version that should work on every Microsoft Excel. You need to enable the Excel Solver to use the maximizing tab.

    How it works - Quick tutorial

    Based on the equipment stats and awakenings you have, it can show you that to obtain next, to compare and rank awakenings and much more. Remember: complete the UI tab with all your equipment info regarding ADOCH%, PvE% and Ia%.
    Note: If you're a mage class, don't inserd or consider ADOCH% stats/awakenings.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Dmg.png Views:	0 Size:	14.8 KB ID:	6298

    Currently workning on! If it works out, will substitute the Damage Multiplier Optimization and possibly will integrade the HP Simulator. This will be the Ultimate Character Simulator.

    Always check the Tutorial tab first!
    I hope you like it. If you have any question or found a bug, hit me on Discord: Mucura#1994
    Everything takes a lot of time and my goal is just help players. If you want to help/fund me, please send me a donation to my character Muteki.

    Special thanks to Wik, for the Awakening List and for allowing me to edit this post. <3
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    Thanks dude this is awesome!!


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      Updated to v7.1

      The Awakenings from "Probability of an Awake" are now updated (thanks to Wik <3).
      Removed the "Awakening Comparator" tab for revision (I just want to remember how I made that to make sure that should be working fine).
      Made some improvements to "Probability of an Awake" tab, which now allows to properly select suit/gauntlets/helm/etc as item piece... which is mainly needed for normal awakenings.

      Updated to v7.2
      Thanks to Gab, sets stats are now updated. As soon as weapon and other stuff are also updated in his guide I'll include in my guide.
      Last edited by Red; 8-December-2018, 13:34.


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        I used ur awake comparer before as well and it helped me to balance my old fm properly. Big thx red

        IGN: grinchhill


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          Update v8.0 BETA log:
          Added "Equivalency" tab that allows you to know the equivalent in ATK%, PvE% and ADOCH% for a given awakening (considers only ATK%, PvE% and ADOCH%).


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            v8.1 now live! Added Mage classes equipment, refined "Your Character" tab and fixed a wrong cell in "Reawakening" tab.


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              Get in touch, apparently I'm not allowed to contribute prizes for events any more, and I like to help but dont want to host / participate in events.
              It occurs to me I could help provide you with the means to do what you do and Im happy to since your guides are awesome.

              Let's talk!


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                v8.5 now live!
                I've finally fixed a "bug" under the awakening probability tab that resulted in 90% overall chance in some cases when 100% should be correct. The results have not drastically changed so the past version was not wrong at all. The feature is working properly in v8.5.
                I've also finished adding the Divine/whatever and Trinium (with PvE Cloak) equipment in the Your Character tab.
                Last edited by Red; 6-January-2020, 14:15.


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                  v8.6 now live! 07 january 2020

                  I've fixed a bug under the awakening probability tab regarding regular MP awakes.


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                    Update: Version 9.0 BETA -> Fixed UAS probability calculation. I messed up the calculations when I updated the awakenings probabilities. It should be working fine now. -> Added Probability Mixed, that calculates the probability to obtain certain or higher mixed (2 stats) awakening for a given amount of scrolls.


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                      v10.0 BETA
                      -> Reworked "Introduction" a bit and added some stuff.
                      -> Reactivated the Comparing Awakenings tab.
                      -> Added 3 stat mixed awakenings. Now it can calculate 1, 2 and 3 statted awakenings probabilities.


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                        Hello. Anyone has a download link for Reds awakening Guide?


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                          Hi, can we see the link to the guide please. Thank you in advance.


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                            New version is out!