Price Reference GUIDE
-i made this guide as a initial or a type of a warning to players that try to blindside new players that aspire to participate in end-game pve/pvp , as to inform new players how much gears cost to build step by step aswel as how much you can and should expect for a gear pack

Disclaimer:This Guide does not represent a PRICE CHART but instead a means to how someone "new" should and act towards a class gear pack knowing how it was brought together and how much someone can and should pay for individual parts of a PACKAGE

[iP to Perin]

100ip = 100perin (2/22/2020)
CESS = 14ip -> cant go higher than 14p
TAS = 8kp (follows TOB to compete so its lowest price is the price of TOB determined)


(For Tas Value is just reduce 8kp normally , but on times when the awake is on the "RIGHT ITEM" this doesnt apply)
ps. if the awake is on a Buffpet it is a FOR TAS, you dont give the buffpet back dont you?

Mp1500 = 500p (normal scrolls , you can spam awake sell these by awakening any equipment boots)

Mp35 = 5k
Mp36 = 10k
Mp37 = 35k
Mp38 = 40k
Mp39 =
Mp40 =
Mp41 =
Mp42 =

Ia37 = 15
Ia38 = 20-25
Ia39 = 40-50
Ia40 =
Ia41 =
Ia42 = 150

Hp35 = 15k
Hp36 =
Hp37 =
Hp38 = 50k
Hp39 =
Hp40 =
Hp41 =
Hp42 = 150-200k

Hp28 Sta35 =
Hp25 Sta38 =
Hp26 Sta38 =
Hp27 Sta38 =
Hp28 Sta38 =

Sta70 Hp14 =
Sta72 Hp14 =
Sta74 Hp14 / Sta76 Hp13 = 50k
Sta76 Hp14 = 80k

Adoch102 = 7k
Adoch104 = 10k
Adoch106 = 15-20
Adoch108 = 25+
Adoch110 = 35k

Adoch38 Hp26 = 25k
Adoch38 Hp27 = 35k
Adoch38 Hp28 = 50k / 52k for TAS
Adoch38 Hp29 / Adoch40 Hp28 = 120k
Adoch38 Hp30 / Adoch40 Hp29 = 150-200k

Adoch70 Hp14 = 20k
Adoch72 Hp14 = 35k
Adoch74 Hp14 = 50k
Adoch76 Hp14 = 70k

Adoch28 Ia28 = 15-20k
Adoch38 Ia25 = 25k
Adoch38 Ia26 = 35k
Adoch38 Ia27 = 45k
Adoch38 Ia28 = 60k

Adoch70 Ia14 = 20k
Adoch72 Ia14 = 30k
Adoch74 Ia14 = 40k
Adoch76 Ia14 = 70k

Adoch70 Pve14 =
Adoch72 Pve14 =
Adoch74 Pve14 =
Adoch76 Pve14 = 40-60k
Adoch76 Pve15 = 100-120k

Adoch38 Pve25 =
Adoch38 Pve26 =
Adoch38 Pve27 =
Adoch38 Pve28 =

[Weapon Upgrade , Clean to Maxed]

(Clean Divine)= 10kip/10kp
(Upgrading to Xtal+20) = 2-3kp
(FCX or LCX + 2xStr or Int or Dex or Sta or 1xAllstat) = 1kip/1kp
(Leveling Services) = 500 - 2kp (Yo-yo being the most expensive)
(Pvp46% or Allstat+90 or IncreasedHP+44%) = 1-2kp
[Insane Adoch or ANY Insane Rarity] = 3-5kp (completely random but figuratively around there)
[Clean Awake]
10kp + 3kp + 1kp + 2kp + 2kp + 5kp
= 23kp
, Is the MAXIMUM you can pay for a clean Xtal+20 MaxCrafted MaxRuned XCard [InsaneRarity] [Clean Awk] Divine Weapon

[Armor Upgrade , Clean to Maxed]

(Clean Celes Set) = 22kip/22kp or pieces 24kp
(Upgrading to Xtal+10 set) = 1kp
(LC12% or VC12%) = 200ip/200p (am not even gonna add this)
[Insane Adoch or ANY Insane Rarity] = 2-3kp
[Clean Awake]
24kp + 1kp + (3x4=)12kp
= 37kp
, Is the MAXIMUM you can pay for a clean Xtal+10 48%Card [InsaneRarity] [Clean Awk] Celestial Set


BlueChip 10k = 80p
RedChip 10k = 12p
MHT 10k = 15p
Sunstones BOX = 3p
Moonstones BOX = 5p

(This was all based on current ip value , Ingame Market and Discord Selling/Buying/Trading Economic Values based on a one week close up socializing)