The F.Y.I to a D.I.Y Guide
-i made this guide as a initial or a type of a warning to players that try to blindside new players that aspire to participate in end-game pve/pvp , as to inform new players how much gears cost to build step by step aswel as how much you can and should expect for a gear pack

Disclaimer:This Guide does not represent a PRICE CHART but instead a means to how someone "new" should and act towards a class gear pack knowing how it was brought together and how much someone can and should pay for individual parts of a PACKAGE

[Weapon Upgrade , Clean to Maxed]

(Clean Divine)= 10kip/10kp
(Upgrading to Xtal+20) = 2-3kp
(FCX or LCX + 2xStr or Int or Dex or Sta or 1xAllstat) = 1kip/1kp
(Leveling Services) = 500 - 2kp (Yo-yo being the most expensive)
(Pvp46% or Allstat+90 or IncreasedHP+44%) = 1-2kp
[Insane Adoch or ANY Insane Rarity] = 3-5kp (completely random but figuratively around there)
[Clean Awake]
10kp + 3kp + 1kp + 2kp + 2kp + 5kp
= 23kp
, Is the MAXIMUM you can pay for a clean Xtal+20 MaxCrafted MaxRuned XCard [InsaneRarity] [Clean Awk] Divine Weapon

[Armor Upgrade , Clean to Maxed]

(Clean Celes Set) = 22kip/22kp or pieces 24kp
(Upgrading to Xtal+10 set) = 1kp
(LC12% or VC12%) = 200ip/200p (am not even gonna add this)
[Insane Adoch or ANY Insane Rarity] = 2-3kp
[Clean Awake]
24kp + 1kp + (3x4=)12kp
= 37kp
, Is the MAXIMUM you can pay for a clean Xtal+10 48%Card [InsaneRarity] [Clean Awk] Celestial Set

[Awake + TAS Cost]

[Transfer Awake Scroll or TAS] = 10kip/10kp
*Awakes for TAS or in Trins*
Adoch89 = 6kp/11kp
Adoch62 Ia11 = 8kp/15kp
Adoch31 Ia22 = 10kp/15kp

Mp1500 = 500p (normal scrolls , you can spam awake sell these by awakening any equipment boots)

HP 32 = 15kp/20kp
HP 33 = 60kp/70kp

Hp21 Sta33 = 10kp/13kp
Hp22 Sta33 = 50kp/60kp

#price-check - 1/13/2020

Attatch and Compile into a "Pack"
[Example #1= Pure Adoch DMG Pack Crackshooter]

[Divine Bow] Maxed
[Insane Adoch] [Adoch89 Awk]
23kp + 6/11kp + 10kp
44kp (this is the MAXIMUM price you can pay for a Divine Weapon Xtal+20 Maxed [InsaneAdoch] [Adoch89 Awk])

[Celestial Sniper Set] Maxed
4x [Insane Adoch] [Adoch89 Awk]
37kp + 24/44kp + 40kp
121kp (this is the MAXIMUM price you can pay for a Celestial Sniper Set Xtal+10 Maxed [InsaneAdoch] [Adoch89 Awk])

(this guide explains only the absolute maximum someone SHOULD pay for their equipment on just a few fixed gears alone that is the Divine Weap and Celes Set)
ps. everything is subjective and if someone would offer lower price then that is someone you should trust


DMG Gear Packs are Actually much MUCH cheaper than this , any "pack" that has a higher price range than this one can just fuck off