HP Balancing For Endgame

This is a guide on how you can balance your STA and HP%.
If you are new to the game this is not worth the effort since you'll be upgrading gear non-stop and you should be looking to maximize your damage not hp. Most useful for pve tanks and siegers.

I did the testing on live server since test server is off, and i didn't check what flat HP like Super Charge Scroll does but there's not a lot of flat HP in insanity
Keep in mind that you have to add up all HP% from buffs/items/awakes etc...

I came up with this formula:
  • HpUwant = (1+HP%/100)(HpBase+ StaScaling * STA)

STA => Sta on your H -15 Sta

HpUwant => the hp you want to reach

HpBase => ur hp without any stats only eeled on sta then restat to remove sta (list below)

StaScaling => How much HP u get per STA (list below)

HP%Value => How much you value a HP% to Sta, most people value it as 3

This means that
  • STA = (HpUwant)/((1+(HP%/100)) * StaScaling) - (HpBase)/(StaScaling)

Which lead to this:

y = ((HpUwant)/((1+(x)/(100)) * classStaScaling)-(HpBase)/(classStaScaling))/(HP%Value)+x

this is just STA/HP%Value + HP%

And when you derivate it and only solve the positive root you get the formula for HP%
  • HP% = 100*(HpUWant/(100*HpValue*StaScaling))^(1/2)-100

Here is a list of StaScaling/HpBase for all classes

HpBase: 146139
StaScaling: 280.9

HpBase: 193322
StaScaling: 371.2

HpBase: 134344
StaScaling: 258.32

HpBase: 169730
StaScaling: 326.05

HpBase: 169730
StaScaling: 326.05

HpBase: 216912
StaScaling: 416.35

StaScaling: 348,625


To balance your HP all you need to do is fill in this:

HP% = 100*(HpUWant/(100*HpValue*StaScaling))^(1/2)-100

Take the answer you get (HP%) and complete the STA formula

STA = (HpUwant)/((1+(HP%/100)) * StaScaling) - (HpBase)/(StaScaling)

Example: Arca 8m hp

874HP% and 2403STA when valuing 3STA = 1HP%
829HP% and 2545STA when valuing 3,3STA = 1HP%

Keep in mind that buying items to get "perfect" balance is most likely not gonna be worth it.

Searching for specific awakes is hard and most times a 96 valued awake is gonna be better than a 95 value unless your balance is off by a lot.
If you already have a char built and wanna test what is better for you, use the "HpUwant" formula and replace the stats.
The only full build char i tested the HP formula on is my arca and it was 200hp off when i was at 8m hp. It's really easy to miss some HP% on your buffs/items, i did it a few times.