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  • Faction System Guide

    Faction System Guide

    General Information
    __- What & How
    __- Goals
    __- Ranks
    __- How to get points
    Map Overview
    __- Teleport System
    Faction Reward Shop
    __- Weapons
    __- Sets
    __- Etc.
    Scoreboard (Rankings) Interface
    __- Faction Statistics
    __- My Statistics

    General Information__
    ________________________________________________ ___________What & How

    The faction system is a PvP (Player versus Player) system where there are, in this case, 4 factions.
    Every week you'll be set in a (random) faction. We can station those 4 factions under: Firebreathers, Wind Nomads, Water Tribes and Earthbenders. How do I enter the faction map? Find your Arena Manager and click on him, he'll give you the option 'Enter Battlefield', click it. Make sure you are on the Faction channel!

    You'll find yourself in the Safe Zone of Cowards. You'll spawn here if you die.

    This is a place where you can find various NPCs such as a Buff Pang. It's a safezone so this means there's no PvP. Just a bit outside of the Safe Zone is ALL PvP. No exceptions. You can seperate the PvP and non-PvP (safe zone) by a different sand color.

    The goal of each faction's members is to acquire points. You acquire points by killing members from enemy factions and killing bosses. Killing bosses will give you the most points, but there are just a few of them. Killing players has a different point system, killing an enemy of your own rank will give you 1 point, but as you kill higher ranks you'll get more points. So, what can I do with these points? I hear you ask. You can buy specially PvP based weapons! It's difficult to acquire the necessary points, but totally worth it as they're the NEW end game weapons. They're called '(Shadow) Trinium' and are tradeable. The NPC is located in the 'Safe Place of Cowards' [Faction] Pumaaa.
    How to get points

    You get points by killing people and by killing Faction bosses around the map. The more points, the higher your rank will be. (check 'Ranks' for more info. about this)

    Player kills
    Player kills are a mere 1 point. Unless you kill someone of a higher rank, the points get exponentially higher for killing higher rank than you. Personally I think killing players for points is quite useless, unless you kill someone at a boss so you can steal it. *insert evil laugh*

    Faction bosses
    There are 5 faction bosses scattered around the map. They all have a spawn time of 1 to 2 hours. Each boss kill is equal to a randomized number amount of points, from 1 to 300. This, of course, can be made 2 to 600 points or 3to 900 points if you use the x2 Faction Points Scroll or the x3 Faction Point Scroll. To find out what these bosses drop, check out this guide by MadHatter.

    Where do the bosses spawn?


    Everyone starts out as a Nubcake, and as you get more points, your rank title will change:
    1) Nubcake (0 points)
    2) Aggressor (2500 points)
    3) Avenger (5500 points)
    4) Savager (10500 points)
    5) Berserker (25,000 points)
    6) Battlemaster (50,000 points)
    7) Grandmaster (75,000 points)
    8) Wardancer (150,000 points)
    9) Demigod (280,000 points)
    10) God (420,000 points)
    __- Special rank with a lot of points. Only one member of each Faction can hold this title.

    People's real In Game Names won't show, just their titles. You can see names from your allies, however.
    You can't see other factions' typing, nor can you use Party / Guild / Shout / Whisper chat. It's pretty much anonymous.

    Map Overview
    This is how the whole Faction map looks like.


    Mariella's Minefield of Death
    A 'minefield' marked with red and yellow and surrounded by fences. Yellow means death. Red has safe and hot spots.
    The Forest
    Basically a place with a lot of trees (and butterflies c: ).
    Safe Zone
    Safe Place of Cowards. The only Safe Zone within the whole map.
    MadHatter's Mad Minefield
    Another minefield! Yellow means death. Red has safe and hot spots.
    Scary Tower Of Doom
    A tower where fire and killing meet. Can be used as a hideout to defend.
    Helms Deep
    The faction castle. Where factions gather.
    Floating Islands
    Floating islands just floating about.Make yourself ready for an aerial attack.
    The Maze
    A maze.. try not to get lost! (Navigator doesn't work in this area)
    Teleport System

    Teleports can be found all around the map. These are used to, yes, teleport.

    The teleport system seperates 2 teleports, the 1 way and the 2 way teleport. On the picture below you can see where the teleports are located. Red lines are 1 way teleports, Purple lines are 2 way teleports. (1 way simply means there's no teleport back there)


    Faction Reward Shop

    Trinium Shadow Bow
    Trinium Shadow Stick
    Trinium Shadow Destroyer
    Trinium Shadow Slayer
    Trinium Shadow Sword
    Trinium Shadow Staff
    Trinium Shadow Wand
    Trinium Shadow Fist
    Trinium Shadow Axe
    Trinium Shadow Yo-Yo

    Templar Set of the titans (M) + (F)
    Slayer Set of the titans (M) + (F)
    Harlequin Set of the titans (M) + (F)
    Crackshooter Set of the titans (M) + (F)
    Seraph Set of the titans (M) + (F)
    Forcemaster Set of the titans (M) + (F)
    Mentalist Set of the titans (M) + (F)
    Arcanist Set of the titans (M) + (F)

    Trinium Fashion Set (M) + (F)
    Trinium Dragon Face Mask
    Trinium Dragon Cloak
    Trinium Dragon Wing Mask
    Trinium ForceMaster Shield
    Trinium Arcanist Shield
    Trinium Mentalist Shield
    Trinium Templar Shield
    Trinium Seraph Shield

    Scoreboard (Rankings) Interface
    Open it by pressing F11. Let's take a look.

    Faction Statistics
    Faction Status: Shows if your faction is leading or not leading
    Faction User: Shows how many members your faction has on the battlefield at the moment
    Kills (Overall): How many kills your faction has made
    Deaths (Overall): How many deaths your faction has
    Points (Overall): How many points your faction has
    KD Ratio: The ratio of your kills and deaths

    My Statistics
    Name: Your character's name
    Faction: The faction you're in
    Rank: Your personal ranking within the faction system
    Points: How many points you have
    Kills: How many kills you have
    Deaths: How many deaths you have

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    This faction system guide provides helpful information for those looking to engage in PvP gameplay. With four groups to choose from, players can work towards various goals and earn points to unlock rewards. The map overview and teleport system make navigation easy, while the faction reward shop offers enticing weapons and sets. Outdoor Recreational Sports Keep track of your progress with the scoreboard interface. Overall, this guide is a must-read for any player looking to dominate in faction gameplay.


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      This faction system guide is for people who want to participate in games on Fun Games. It contains information that will be helpful to those people. Players can work towards a variety of goals and earn points to unlock rewards. The games overview features a map and a teleportation system for easy navigation. The party reward shop contains a variety of exciting rewards. Overall, this guide is a must-read.
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          Really love this mini crossword graphic. They are bright and wonderful. I'm definitely jumping in and taking on the challenge of it. Many missions performed to operate in the area. Many attractive maps and attractive 3D graphics.


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            Well, you can exchange them for PvP-oriented weapons! Acquiring the necessary points can be challenging, but it is enriching as these weapons represent the new end-game gear. They are known as "(Shadow) Trinium" and can be traded. The non-playable character (NPC) who facilitates these exchanges can be found in the "Safe Place of Cowards" dinosaur game within the [Faction] Pumaaa.