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Running Insanity on an SSD?

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  • Running Insanity on an SSD?

    So, yeah. I got myself an SSD (kingston SSD, 120GB for OS only), and so far, my PC was brought back to life. I was thinking of getting another one but the SSD saved me a lot. I managed to install a few games on it and they run smooth, so I'm just copying the entire game onto my SSD, but I'd like to know if any of you guys already have done that and what the results were.

    Currently, these are my specs. I'm able to open up to 8 clients at the same time, and I'm still using an old GT520

    I know I need to get me a better card, but for now that is what i need for gaming. I'm aiming for another PS4 like en 3 months.

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    On my pc it runs sooth as hell and i just got slightly better pc settings. The SSD helps u for faster reading so I will help I’m sure

    IGN: grinchhill


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      I highly doubt it will help much with flyff. But please let us know your experience :)


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        Well, my PC is rather old, but that SSD did improve load times by lot while running Windows.

        The game had a slight improvement in regards of the FPS. I'm getting 62-63~ish and drops to 45 in crowded areas like St. Morning.

        The game load time increased like a 20-25%. (From launching the client to loading Flaris).

        So, yep. I guess an SSD can make a slight difference, but also you'd need to rely on the PC/LAPTOP you have. All in all, an SSD was the best investment on my old system.


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          Thanks a lot for your analysis!