Kirby Hunter Event
Will run until 11th June
-Kirbys will spawn all around any where there are other monster present (excluding Party Instances)
-Killing Kriby's will provide alot more EXP then other monsters

Other Event Stuff:
-The Next event will begin sometime early next week. (for players with alot or Bars/Bullions to sell the next event will include options of using them instead or perins)
-Gold Rush Event has now ended. The NPC's will stick around Until next monday to allow you to buy the cars or convert any remaining ore. (Afterwards all remaining ore will be removed)
-Secrets of the Fortress Limited Time Quest has now ended and is no longer available.
-Remaining Easter Event currency and NPC has been removed.

Boss Drops:
Tier 0:
-Doubled drop rate of Baku Imperial Weapons/Shields
-Doubled drop rate of Tenshi Imperial Armor

Tier 1:
-Doubled drop rate of Malefic Conqueror Weapons/Shields
-Doubled drop rate of PvE Armor

Tier 2:
-Doubled drop rate of Trinium Weapons/Shields

Tier 3:
-Doubled drop rate of Celestial Armor

Tier 4:
-Doubled drop rate of Dragon Lord Armor