Card Event:
The Card Event is now over.

-Removed all remaining card spawns,
-The Card Mistress can now only be located only in Darkon Town,
-She will remain for a minimum of 2 more weeks. Sometime after, it will be removed and any unspent Cards will be deleted.

General Changes:
-The Pepoview Troupe in Saint morning have been relocated North of their current location to a nice river view, this opens up a bit of extra space for offline Vendors
-Kimberley has also been moved out the way a bit closer to the food shop,
-Removed the random Harlequin shop in Volkane,

Rainbow Race:
-Reduced total time to complete Rainbow Race to 30mins (Prev 1 hour),
-Fixed missing text in minigame info windows,
-Reworked placement rewards to:
  • 1st place: 10xRainbow Box (Prev 100 EC),
  • 2nd place: 9xRainbow Box (Prev 85 EC),
  • 3rd place: 8xRainbow Box (Prev 65 EC),
  • 4th place: 7xRainbow Box (Prev 50 EC),
  • 5th place: 6xRainbow Box (Prev 25 EC),
  • 6th place: 5xRainbow Box (Prev 3xRainbow Box),
  • 7th place: 4xRainbow Box (Prev 2xRainbow Box),
  • 8th place: 3xRainbow Box (Prev 2xRainbow Box),
  • 9th place: 2xRainbow Box (Prev 1xRainbow Box),
  • 10th place: 1xRainbow Box (Same),
-Reworked Completion rewards to:
  • 4 NPC's complete- 5 EC (Prev 5000RC),
  • 5 NPC's complete- 10 EC (Prev 3xRainbow Box),
  • 6 NPC's complete- 5000RC (Prev 4xRainbow Box),
  • 7 NPC's complete- 1xRainbow Box (Prev 5xRainbow Box),

Rainbow Box changes:
-Removed all Gold Key Rewards.
-Added the following new Transmutes:
Rainbow Crystal Sword Rainbow Crystal Big Sword Rainbow Crystal Axe Rainbow Crystal Big Axe Rainbow Crystal Knuckle
Rainbow Crystal Stick Rainbow Crystal Wand Rainbow Crystal Staff Rainbow Crystal Bow Rainbow Crystal Yo-Yo
Rainbow Crystal Shield Rainbow Crystal FM Shield Rainbow Crystal Book Rainbow Crystal Set (M) Rainbow Crystal Set (F)

The following has been added to item mall:
Navy Samurai Set (F) Navy Samurai Set (M) Magmatic Sword Magmatic Big Sword Magmatic Axe
Magmatic Big Axe Magmatic Knuckle Magmatic Stick Magmatic Wand Magmatic Staff
Magmatic Bow Magmatic Yo-Yo Magmatic Shield Magmatic FM Shield Magmatic Book