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Patch Notes 30.1.19

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  • Patch Notes 30.1.19

    *We have moved the server to a newer Dedicated Server!
    *Dungeon Instance Rejoin- You now have a 5 min grace period to re-enter a dungeon instance if you are d/c'ed or exit by mistake before that instance is removed!
    *Siege - MVP will now get ONE mail with extra Siege Chips = amount of points scored by MVP*4 (if you score 100 points you will receive 400 Siege Chips)
    *Strangers is now a default search option in Party Finder
    *Safe Upgrading crash fixed
    *Chat box reset fixed
    *Mob looping/tripping fixed
    *Some text error fixes
    *Deleting items by dropping them out of your inventory will now display an system message
    *Fixed starter characters inventory - Starter equipment is now equipped

    Activated Monster protection to avoid Kill stealing:
    *Mob protection is Lost if:
    - You have not attacked within 1 minute of last attack
    - You died
    - Left the area
    - Mob resets itself
    - You become an invalid target

    *Mob protection excludes:
    - People in the same party as you
    - People in the same Guild as you
    - Specific Monsters set to ignore Mob Protection
    - Faction and Invasion Map
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