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  • Arthurtheking
    Cool ???? thanks for the information
    and happy merry Christmas)

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  • Yousername
    started a topic Insanity's Got Talent

    Insanity's Got Talent

    Who will be the next GM?

    It is time for Insanity’s craziest event!
    Ever wanted to become a GM but your application was horrible or you were unlucky and didn't get picked?
    This is your chance!

    We will host an event where everyone can have a chance to become a Game Master.

    How to Participate?
    The only thing you have to do is react to the Discord message in #events with an :upvote: emoji.
    10 people will be picked to continue to the next round for the remainder of the event.

    What Are the Requirements?
    - Good knowledge of Insanity and its systems
    - Able to write and understand English at a decent level
    - Able to dedicate at least 8 hours a week to activity in game and on Discord

    Event Period
    You are able to participate till Sunday 20th of December 2020, the 10 participants will be announced the following day.

    Second Phase

    10 people will be chosen for a chance to prove themselves in an 8 week period. These 8 weeks will be split in 2 phases.

    Week 1-4
    - 6 people will survive the first 4 weeks based on performance.
    - You will be rewarded based on your overall performance (even if you are out this round)

    Week 5-8
    - 1 to 3 people will be chosen to become a Game Master based on performance in the last 8 weeks.
    - You will be rewarded based on your overall performance (even if you are out this round)

    [You may be disqualified at any time during the event]

    Best of luck to everyone!
    - The Insanity Staff