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Insanity's Event Week

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  • Insanity's Event Week

    Insanity's event week is going on !
    We will have multiple events running from 3 july until 13 july !

    50% EXP and Penya weekend event
    You will receive 50% more exp while leveling and 50% more penya from every mob ingame !
    Duration: 03-07-2020 until 05-07-2020

    0100110100110100010001110011000101000011 Event
    Magic loot crates have a chance to drop from every monster ingame !
    Drop rate will increase when you have maxed Gift box & drop scrolls.
    Duration: 03-07-2020 until 07-07-2020

    Its a Secret Event
    As the name says, its a secret
    Duration: 06-07-2020 until 10-07-2020

    Cheeky monkey event
    Take the quest from the Mayor of Flarine and go out into the world to hunt from Cheeky Monkeys to get rewared with Golden Banana's.
    (When eaten will grant +25% Penya drops for 2 hours)

    Note: the monkeys will only drop Golden Banana's when you have the quest
    Duration: 11-07-2020 until 13-07-2020
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    Good day! What is it?