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PvE Rewards and Issues around it

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  • PvE Rewards and Issues around it

    Hello all,

    I posted this in the suggestion section in discord already, but thought: "Why not post it here too, might be seen and viewed as valuable feedback". So, here we go.

    I am going to break this down in different section, firs I am going to talk about PvE in it's current stadium and the problems I myself run in to as player and other players.
    And last I am going to give some tips/Ideas how to fix/improve the overall PvE experience.

    Current PvE State and the problems it has:

    Early Game:
    At the moment PvE is in it's early game a lot of grinding. First players need to get to 300, but since this isn't a big challenge and most players can achieve level 300 relatively easy I won't talk about this.
    When it comes to improving gear early-game and earning money, all players can do is farm monsters (FI, Coral Island, Traseia, Azria or the catacombs).The reward isn't great and this gets repetitive, but I do understand it is hard to provide a alternative farming

    When players get some gear, and can reach hp and dmg enough to kill the weakest bosses (Sanpres, Wilds, Animus, CW and maybe Herneos) they can earn more Perin. But then again if you went with an arcanist or another AoE farmer as first class, the best thing to do is just keep farming in FI. Even though, yes, technically Bosses are a nice alternative, the rewards aren't impressive enough to get to good gear in a short period of time (say a month). When you get enough gear to farm most bosses effectively (everything mentioned before, Upresia, Ankou, Kalgas, Cove, Graador) the rewards are still too minimal to be worth farming them, because a arcanist with worse gear can go to FI and farm twice as much as you earn.

    Now, say you have end-game gear and you can kill the Crystal meteonyker within the time he does first One-hit ( 8 attacks). Then there are multiple things you can do as bosser. You can farm IKEA boxes in Dark Traseia, you can do colosseum, and potentially Crypt(noted you do have to have 3m hp for legendary colo and you would want 4.5m hp+ for crypt). Ikea is difficult to farm, since you need 45m damage+ to farm it effectively in order to get a p/hour of ~200. For colo there is a 4 hour cooldown each time, so you can't do that too often (unless you plan on swapping your equips over to another character in the same account, then you can do it three times per 4 hours) You can earn up to 450p per four hours (depending on difficulty, amount of players and how many characters you play with). As for Crypt, you need at least one tank, a ADOCH (physical) class and a mage. Getting a team together to do runs in a decent rate is hard to do and the rewards are minimal. Yes you could sell the eerie orbs and split the money, but this doesn't even come close to the amount you can earn from IKEA or Colo. But then, if you are able to clear it all it drops are transmutes that rarely sell Yes, Deammore CAN drop celestial/divine shards, but these have never dropped in the 100+ crypt runs done in the whole server AND on top of that, those shards are only 1-2kp, which isn't great for the rate they are dropping in).

    At the moment most PvE Content is just not rewarding enough and gets repetitive if you have to do the same thing over and over again ( I do understand it is difficult to bring out new content every few weeks, and options are limited.).

    Tips/Ideas to fix/Improve PvE Experience:

    Make it easier for newer players to get to decent gear levels without putting in hundreds of hours farming the same mobs over and over again. I am not saying it should be done in 20 hours, or 40, but reduce the time. In Mid-Game it becomes the hardest for the players, since then you need to get upgrades for your Tenshi to a PvE set if they haven't already. But also they have to buy a Trinium Dragon set and potentially Trinium weapons, mega pet and more to get stronger. This is a lot of Perin, and can't be farmed easily by the players. When it comes to end-game, this is really hard to reach without either donating or playing the game a lot (I do know people who got there without donating, but you rarely see them). And when it comes to gear most end-gamers don't have much to upgrade, except maybe get a better awake on some pieces (Yes, it is possible to be end-game with PvE set and Trinium weapons, if the awakes, rarity are good). But the reward you get from it is so underwhelming if you don't farm hardcore 10 hours a day (or 3*3 legendary colo runs per day).

    All in all, gearing is hard early game and mid-game and in end-game the amount you get out of farming to compensate for the time you've spent getting there isn't worth it.

    When it comes to early game it is hard to say "Implement new bosses that can be farmed easily!" because we all know that won't work. But shorten the time it takes to get to decent gear(the term "decent gear" is for every player different, think of it what you think it should be.). As of Mid-game, make the dungeons drop different items that might help in the player(s) getting stronger. I really liked the idea of cove, add (a) item(s) that can be only farmed there. Sadly that is the only dungeon in the game with items that actually matter in the game. Transmutes are fun and all, but don't hold value, especially the ones from Sanpres, Herneos and Upresia. And make the drops from bosses better/more (Blue chips, MHT, I Killed A Boss Box and Penya). When it comes to end-game, most players have what they want for that job, except the ones that still use PvE set and Trinium weapons. But for them to get Celestial and Divine, and to upgrade that so much that it becomes as good as or better then their current equipment ( the bonusses from Celestial and Divine as opposed to PvE and Trinium are relatively small, so you need at least an as good, or better set to be worth it) is NOT worth your months of grinding, because the base price for the sets alone are outrageous. Now, let's talk about the rewards from stuff end-game players can do. IKEA is a decent source of money (Say I farm 1 hour on week days and 6 hours on weekends and I make 200p per hour, I would get, that is 2.2kp per week, and ~8.8kp per month). But IKEA is an item, which you have to sell to get Perin. Sadly it's an item only certain people buy for their guild, so it isn't a real steady income, if you don't sell it and are stuck with a ton of boxes, you don't have Perin. For Colo it really depends what classes you have and if you can do it a lot of times per day, but the reward is TOB, and at the moment the things you can do with TOB are limited and the price is only dropping and dropping. Now Crypt! This will be a fun one. I really love the idea of crypt, it's not just a mindless dungeon, you actually need to prepare some gear, and have a nice team. But the rewards..... Why do end-game players need transmutes? You would think at the end of such a difficult dungeon where a lot of time goes in you would get something worth your while right?
    The boss Deammore doesn't even drop that many Blue Chips or let alone any worthful drop (Yes, the transmutes are expensive right now, because it is hard to do crypt, let alone get a drop. On top of that, crypt is relatively new and not many transmutes have dropped so far.). I understand options for rewards are limited and you can't just throw in a new tier of weapons/armor because the power creep is already too much(With Celestial and Divine being released sooner than it should have). But the biggest tip I can give is this: Add Items to dungeons like crypt that are hard to complete that you CAN'T get in the item mall. This makes player want to do that dungeon to get those items. This would make end-game more appealing, so players work hard for it in order to achieve these levels. But I would also add something more to mid-level dungeons like Upresia or maybe a new dungeon that isn't too difficult but also drops something unique for mid-game (and end-game) players to farm, this would decrease the time it takes for mid-game players to get to this "end-game" status and also makes people more motivated to play.

    I hope this Topic will be read and I hope everyone understands/agrees with what I wrote
    If you don't please comment and tell me why.

    Thanks a lot for reading this Topic and I hope you enjoyed reading,


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