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Mentalist Aoe - Psychic Square

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  • Mentalist Aoe - Psychic Square

    Why not remove the cooldown from it for better farming with Mentalist?
    I think it would be fair, since Arcanist has not a cooldown on Blizzard also.
    And it would be nice if it has more range, so you don't have to walk right before the mob.

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    Actually there was a time when it was perfect, no cooldown and normal range (more than a year ago), I remember maxing sets and getting all dmg buff possible to kill penya mobs at 1 hit with that aoe, it worthed it, but they decided to nerf this and other mentalist/psykeeper skills because they were "annoying" in pvp. The exact words said by the person at forum were "Players keep spamming it on arenas and siege, and because of that were're adding a cooldown to it" (psychic square), they didn't care it reduced drastically our dps. They also hyper nerfed crucio spell because "Oh, and poor forcemasters auto suicide when using ASAL on psykeepers". You see, they only care for their n° 1 class, it's all about them, even rage buff increments max MP for that very reason, and it's not a coincidence.
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