First sorry for my google translation inglish.

Why Harlequin is so nerfed for pve?

I play on here for 1 month and all people tell me about Harle are bad in pve,
but same it, i decide up and geared one and see of all people has right.

One crackshooter with malefic bow+tenshi set+any pets have ATK:100.000 / 150.000 + ALL BUFFs

Harlequin with xtal Malefic YoYo+20 + xtal Thief+10 set + Mega Tiger have only ATK= 60.000 / 90.000 + ALL BUFFS
i dont count ADDOCH and BLOCK.

I think a mmorpg needs to provide conditions for all classes to be played on any content.
A class that is only viable with the end game gear is the same as asking for no player to play with it.

I know, i play here a short time to understand perfectly about the server balancing, but in my view, need to improve a bit on the pve issue.
It's easy to say that 90% of the players are styled to create a crackshooter while other classes are dropped.

A suggestion that might improve Harlequin in pve would be:
In the "Enchant of Nature" skill remove the "pve damage increase -1000%" debuff this would make the class a little stronger on pve and would not change anything on pvp.
a 300% addoch buff is not the end of the world for any class.