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Updates Suggestions(It will attract more players!)

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  • Updates Suggestions(It will attract more players!)

    UPDATES SUGGESTIONS(Make it more interesting, challenging and FUN!)

    Premium/Vip System:(Can be only get via donate/ vote/ colosseum points) (Premium ticket will work like beads that can last 7-30 days).

    Being a premium member grants a player extra perks.
    •Extra Stats
    •Gift Box
    •Dungeon Cooldown
    •Gold Color name
    •Premium Title
    •Extra exp
    Platinum System(Rebirth System):
    • At least 5 rebirths.
    • Each rebirths will contain special rewards and the rewards can be only get via rebirth each char they rebirth. (Reward that something will benefits both donor and non-donor).
    • Make it hard to lvl.
    • This will make players to grind whether a player is a donor, or non-donor.yes
    (I think after a player finally get celestial & divine weapons the main focus is to just upgrade & the rest awakening the gear/s itself. which i think it pretty boring especially for donors) .

    Special Gears

    Cloak of awakening(Donate item)
    •Increases a player’s chance of getting better awakes from both Regular awakes & UAS.

    Custom Inventory:
    • whereas it separates and sort premiums, custom sets, pets and other stuffs in bag.
    PK system s1
    • Helps to get rid afk farming by killing those players.
    • makes it more challenging.
    • makes more the player to be motivated to grind in order to be strong and hunt that person who killed him/her.
    Little things needs to be fixed (EVERY DETAILS COUNT!)

    Log in screen & Inventory:
    • It doesn’t show the transmuted gears itself.
    • It’s pretty appealing to people to see your gear from log in screen to in game.
    Aura Glows Bug
    • Every time a player/s dies and resurrected, the aura itself stacked up and it makes the character super bright af that way u can barely see the character itself.

    Things that not really need in game.
    Free Custom Color & Font :
    •Some fonts really looks weird in the game makes the game looks un-classy.

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    1. They have better things to do
    2. This isnt a mobile game 🤣🤣


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      The Premium System isn't a good Idea, since the Staff don't want to put more Stats into the Game, because it would effect PvP again and they would have to Change Things also again.
      I actually like the Rebirth System - Could be cool, but it shouldn't be to hard to Level then. +1 to that
      For the Special Gears Part, I totaly disagree, People's Gear would lose their Price by a lot of Money tho.

      Rest is fine, beside that new People would have a hard Time, to do anything, because they would get killed every Single Time.