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  • farming_areas

    1 hour of farming:
    Dekane Mine: 15perins / 4k rema(small) / 17k RC / 87k MHT
    Keys: x960 lv. 60, x670 lv. 121, x190lv. 151, x40 lv 251, x10 lv 300
    Boxes: x48 60, x32 121, x24 151, x13 251, x4 300
    ~105p total

    Farming Island:
    78p // 54k RedChips
    ~110p total
    keys: 0
    Boxes: x102 60, x96 121, x78 151, x35 251, x16 300
    After 1 hour of farming in Dekane Mine;
    Level 60 121 151 251 300
    Silver Keys x960 x670 x190 x40 x10
    Boxes x48 x32 x24 x13 x4

    LEVEL 60 121 151 251 300
    Keys - - - - -
    boxes 102 96 78 35 16
    New players are future of this server for sure, and they need support. Farming areas are quite good move. I won’t complain about boss hunting right now, because you’re working on it ;)
    What I want write about is…

    I. Lack of treasure boxes..
    Explanation: I was able to drop 1k silver keys in 1 hour, but only 50 treasure boxes to it :v There is nothing to open, too much keys, too small amount of treasure chests :/
    Suggestion 1): Increase highly drop of treasure chests. Add them dropping in one of the farming area, so people will have to farm keys in one place, and chests in another one! J
    Suggestion 2): Instead of bronze keys boxes from collector field add Treasure Chests Boxes..
    IMO collecting doesn’t bring many benefits. That would be fine for both – collecting and lack of chests.
    Suggestion 3) Chance of getting f.e. UAS package is very low, so maybe add (1-5) UAS chance boxes dropping from it, with bigger chances, that will encourage people to open them.
    Also, give somewhere guide and information, that they can drop exclusive items from it for example UAS package, fashions, cloaks etc.

    II. Nothing interesting in MHT shop
    Explanation: I dropped 90k MHT’s in 1 hour in Dekane, that’s cool. They can be used to purchase fashion, transmute items and pocket pangs. The last ones are useful, everyone need buffs ;) But it’s only 1 item which is useable. There should be more interesting things/premiums. Moreover, if everyone will start farming MHT without premiums, their price will reduce. ATM it’s 1p per 1k.
    Suggestion: Add URAR’s/RAR’s or other premium items, that are useful for everyone!

    III. Price of RedChips.
    Explanation: Assume optimistic version that UAS price is 4,5p. (yesterday people was selling them 4-4,2p each, that’s why I’m saying optimistic :P). We can drop a lot RC’s in FI, many people doing it, that’s why we had too much RC on the market for a while. Adding UAS to RC shop was good move..
    but it’s price XDD 8k = UAS = 4,5p
    Then 10k RC is 5,5p
    In 1hour of farming I was able to get 54k RC’s ~7 UAS’es =~ 31p
    Since their drop is a little bit lower, and also u deleted suns and mons drop, price of UAS in rc shop should be 6k or 7k RC.

    Do whatever you want to do, but I suggest you to focus on new players. They’re coming everyday, you can see them if you’ll pay attention, they’re lost, don’t know what to do, how to start, and how to get better. IMO the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Playing here is a lot of fun, but struggle on the beginning is really high, and there’s big gap between semi-pros and pros. It’s better to donate, build up and then you don’t have anything to do really. But that’s mine opinion, feel free to test starting from 0, or even observe new people to realise their struggle ;)

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    This is great help for new players, really! Cheers on your data!


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      Wheres the exact location did you farm in dekane what mobs?? And your level 300??