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  • Sympathy


    We are a strictly casual guild that focuses on promoting a progressive environment. We will get involved in any aspect of the game if we have enough interested and motivated members! We take your progress as seriously as our own, and to limit the number of "just here for the GB," people, we have weekly required contributions and some common sense rules I'd like you to read if you're interested in joining the family.

    We have over one year of uptime experience, a Discord with several experienced and prominent community members alongside newbies from all walks of life.

    Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us, so long as they put in the same effort as everyone else did to get in.

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    What is your in-game name/real name/nickname you go by? UnDecide / Rhyme

    What is your class? Slayer

    Age/Gender? 30 / boy

    Country/Time Zone/Average playtime? Philippines l / 7:00am to 5:00pm / play 8hrs in a day

    How much experience do you have? many i was played in philippines almost 2 years ago and here almost 3months on fly for fun

    What are your goals or reasons for playing? i want to help peoples and meet new peoples and to have fun

    Did anyone recommend or refer you to us? If so, mention here. no one recommend me i just saw its good guild and i want to be in

    Please leave your Discord here: Jeanne#7629