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  • Sympathy

    Please delete this thread.
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    What is your in-game name/real name/nickname you go by? UnDecide / Rhyme

    What is your class? Slayer

    Age/Gender? 30 / boy

    Country/Time Zone/Average playtime? Philippines l / 7:00am to 5:00pm / play 8hrs in a day

    How much experience do you have? many i was played in philippines almost 2 years ago and here almost 3months on fly for fun

    What are your goals or reasons for playing? i want to help peoples and meet new peoples and to have fun

    Did anyone recommend or refer you to us? If so, mention here. no one recommend me i just saw its good guild and i want to be in

    Please leave your Discord here: Jeanne#7629


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      Don't call it a comeback.. Been here for years! [That's a song]

      After a brief retirement, I've returned to Insanity to hopefully resume operations as usual.

      Sympathy, the guild of helpers, will be undergoing a revival and minor change in focus.

      As before, any and all are welcome to apply via the website found in the first post (or message me if you've ever applied before) to get an invite and hang out with the merry crew of misfits.

      Yes, you have to apply on the website.


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        A big thanks to everyone who read the rules and joined us!

        As of June 20th, we currently have enough approved applications and members to be full.

        An activity sweep is underway, and I will post an update on the 27th if enough slots to welcome more cuties to the family come open.

        Stay sweet.


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          Please delete this thread.
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