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    2 years ago, the guild started when a newbie was looking for a guide for his leveling. Then, he immediately asked another newbies about his problem, but it seemed they had the same crisis. Then, a guy from Germany came and guided the two newbies until they leveled up and tips to gear up. It was a tough sunny day for both of them, coming from New York and Philippines.

    After a few days, they thought: "Let us make a guild for friendship and if we can guide why not!" Without knowing, the guy from PH works as an international journalist which he later published an article on community & communication inside virtual gaming.

    It was 2 years ago. A dream. But now, it is a seed that has been planted to each of their member. It is like a dream that flies in the hearts of their players.

    We started as a small community guild, and eventually ballooned as one of the most active pve and SR guilds in Insanity Flyff. Privi has been here for almost 2 years playing SR and farming. Our players are one of the oldest and newest who can guide you in your builds and maybe problems in life (haha).

    We have won the Secret Room many times and hoping to continue it. We are active participating in SR despite of players' availability. We don’t aim to be the best, but we want to take you to the rest of the excitement and happiness.

    When it comes to players, we have diverse individuals, from Australia, Canada, Japan, Hongkong, Philippines, Dubai, Britain, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Brazil, Chile and Malaysia

    For the recruitment, we are strict in having new members. We disallow players who are involved in any accusation of scamming, arrogance, real trade or any worst-to-worst attitude.
    Privilege adheres to Insanity Rules and this is a safe guild for you to start and to stay.

    • We have active price checking section from pros whose job is to vend in market for 24 hours and to double their perins;
    • We have events every day, weekly and monthly with super insane prices;
    • We have a doctor for your heart in case you feel miserable; we have a psychologist in case for your mental problems; we have a lawyer who you can consult; we have a professor who can teach you Math, Science or History; we have a grammarian who can teach you about grammar; But among all, we are friends who have experienced the worst and stick as a team.
    If you aspire to be part of our SR team (Despite of your gears but you have hopes to be strong in the future), try to apply because we don’t bite. Sadly, we only need two players but why not maybe you can be an exemption!

    Format is below:

    Name: (Optional)
    In-game character name:

    Started playing:
    Time of availability and GMT:
    Character damage:

    Former guild(s) you have joined:
    Have you experienced SR?

    Why you should be part of us?
    Privilege members
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    Name: Jay R.
    In-game character name: Artemix
    Country: United Kingdom

    Class(es): Crack Shooter
    Started playing: around 8 months ago.
    Time of availability and GMT: United Kingdom, British Summer Time (BST) Time zone in Greenwich, London, UK (GMT+1)

    Former guild(s) you have joined: Clean guild History, Never joined any.
    Have you experienced SR? Never and I would love to

    Why you should be part of us?

    I reckon i should be a part of Privilege because I am Friendly and utmost hard working, I have farmed my basic gears with blood and sweat however I had the chance to buy a cheap celestial set for 10k perins! who knew?! This has rocketed my buy and sell career which gave me sustainable flow of Perins into my bank which certainly helped my character grow and attain end gear items. I can say that I am 90% aware of the pricing in the market hence I am utmost capable of doing price checks and helping beginners make their way to the market career on flyff without being low-balled. I hope you have a space for a Crackshooter that is willing to help/advise to people when in need,which can make the Privilege gain more respect, image and reputation in the Flyff World.

    Many Thanks, Kas.


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      Wow. Kudos to your farming method.

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    Name: AK
    In-game character name: Chain
    Country: United Kingdom

    Class(es): Crackshooter
    Started playing: 2011 [was slayer] - wipe - became crack - played for a year, stopped at 2015, started again a week ago
    Time of availability and GMT: 7-9pm Monday - Friday, 6-10pm Sat/Sun. GMT +0
    Character damage: No link attack 12m on Crystal Meteo

    Former guild(s) you have joined: Goldenwings [not sure if anyone remembers them... very very old]
    Have you experienced SR?
    No! I would love to learn though!

    Why you should be part of us?
    I am looking for a bunch of friends to play and have fun.
    Grinding is fun but also helping each other out, doing activities together and making jokes is even more fun.
    I'm not the most 'efficient' guy, I rather have fun and do things slower if it makes it a more enjoyable experience.


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      Thank you for your application, Bladeey. We will see what considerations so you can join. Keep farming.

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    Name: Darren
    in game character name: Repulser

    Classes: Crackshooter
    Started playing: Cant remember when but i played full tine since 2017
    Time of Availabilty: 9pm onwards everyday

    Former Guilds : N/A
    Have Your experience Sr: Yes! And it was fun hope i can play more sr and be part of the winning line up

    Why should you be part of us?

    Because my records are clean. HAHA. Rather i will stay in this guild. Not because its a strong guild. Because of the relatioship between other players. Also im grinding to be a big help for the guild. Thats all thank you. Hahaha. WAKANDA FOREVER! 😁


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      Thank you for your application. We will be back to you soon. Keep farming.

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    Name: Robin In-game character name: SoulElementor Country: Paraguay Class(es): Arcanist Started playing: i starte in 2016 Time of availability and GMT: 2-3 hours per Day gmt-4 Character damage: Bomb Dmg 30m fix and up to 60m with spell flux Former guild(s) you have joined: Joind once the Reign Guild for smoother farming exp. Have you experienced SR? Not yet. But i would like to. Why you should be part of us? I am Accountant. If someone has financial Problems :)


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      Thank you for your application. I like Paraguay for my vacation, btw. Also, What is your max evastorm with e-shock? Let me know.

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      My EVA Dmg with Electric Shok is only 15m fix and up to 30m with spell flux. I am going for PVE Cloak now to get 40% more PVE to reach 20m fix Dmg.

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    Name: Alex
    In-game character name: llinsoo
    Country: Argentina

    Class(es): Seraph, have a Slayer but its weak
    Started playing: came back to insanity for the third time 2 weeks ago, about 5 years of playing flyff overall
    Time of availability and GMT: about 8 hours to play, right now using only 2-3 on flyff because ive got no friends UTC-3
    Character damage: Seraph 2.6m, Slayer 4-7m (I do have 1.5kp to make them at least not suck maybe?)

    Former guild(s) you have joined: Royale, Okaerinasai
    Have you experienced SR? Not in insanity

    Why you should be part of us? Why should I, dont know. Just want to farm or whatever while interacting with others like the game is intended to be played.
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      Guild Application

      Name: (Optional): Jarod

      In-game character name: Admiinistrattor

      Country: USA

      Class(es): Blade

      Started playing: 5-12-19

      Time of availability and GMT: :
      EST (UTC -5)

      Character damage: 9,000 something I currently do not have the game open. I'm on atleast 5-10 hours a day depending on my work/classes schedule,

      Former guild(s) you have joined: None

      Have you experienced SR?: I have no idea of what SR means? I'm sorry? lol

      Why you should be part of us?: I feel be welcome and accepted to this Guild would be a experience of a life time. Allowing I myself as a current newbie to expand my relations world wide , gaining knowledge about Insanity to become elite furthering my game play. I wish to be accepted for numerous reasons . I should point out that I am very new to FlyFF it self an would love to be taught by the many existing members of this establishment , group , foundation.. I am currently 22 years old of age finally reopening a FlyFF client, years ago I played approx.. A week tops.. I got into MapleStory instead. Now is time for a new path .. Spamming and immaturity is definitely not going to be a thing .. Questions of mine (many questions ) may be asked . No borrowing equips , money, or any items what so ever will be requested. Just knowledge to be shared is what I ask.

      Thank you very much . I hope to meet you all.

      ~Jarod .

      PS, Ill be checking this post constantly to see the status. Pending. Hope. :D I have become addicting to this server . The decision has been made.. Im here for good.
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        Hi, Jarodi. Despite you are a new in the server, I am inspired by your words about learning more. Privi's members have been in the server since it started, from newbies turned to rich and pros. Well, I must say: You can join. Points are your time and aspiration to learn.

        The guild consists of member from United States.We follow the rules and our recruitment is absolutely strict, so I hope you won't take for granted the chance to be one of us.