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    Age: 25

    Sex: M

    Residence + Timezone: Philippines GMT + 8

    Languages: English and Tagalog

    A bit about yourself: My IGN is xLorelei. I like playing computer games, I'm friendly, sociable and I spend my time in Insanity at least 1 hour a day. I already graduated from college and I'm gonna start my own business soon. I also enjoy with people.

    Playtime on FlyFF: 7 years

    Playtime on Insanity: 3 years

    Previous Staff Experience: None
    What are your biggest weaknesses? I tend to be perfectionist at times and there are also times when I can be childish and too soft.

    What are your biggest strengths? I take responsibilities seriously, I can keep calm even under stressful and dire circumstances, I adapt into changes and I learn from my mistakes

    Why should we hire you? I'm very active in game, I'm a casual player and like I said, I can keep calm even under stressful and dire circumstances because we're trained for it. I am also obedient and respectful towards my superiors.

    What do you think about Insanity's current state and future? The Insanity has the most stable flyff server I played but at the same time, I think players are getting fewer than before. About the future, if Insanity has more active staff members and more beginner friendly gameplay by having easier access to endgears without getting bored in farming, then Insanity's future will be certain because it will attract players then Insanity will be lively again. If not, many players will not last long and just quit.

    What can you do to improve it? I will interact with players more often, answer their questions with the best of my ability, host events and I will recruit people into playing Insanity. However, for Insanity to have a significant improvement, we must work as a team.