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    Age: 19

    Sex: M

    Residence + Timezone: jpn, phl (for now); GMT +8 and 9

    Languages: english, spanish, italian, nihonggo, filipino

    A bit about yourself: Currently a freelancer in the IT/Multimedia Industry. I play insanity for atleast 9-12 hours a day, everyday. I am approachable and a good listener. also, i stay at discord 24/7.

    Playtime on FlyFF: playing since 2007

    Playtime on Insanity: less than a year (around 6+ months)

    Previous Staff Experience: none in this server

    What are your biggest weaknesses? i can be a bit impulsive at times, but almost always i do the right thing for a particular situation

    What are your biggest strengths? i am very outgoing and friendly, i can act on complaints pretty fast, i really love to talk to others and try to help them in any way i can.

    Why should we hire you? i have the determination, the time, the skills that will be useful in the position that i am applying for

    What you think about Insanity's current state and future? as in all games, there are certain upsides and downsides. presence in-game and interaction needs a little tune-up. the server remains number one, and in the foreseeable future, it will still remain as such as long as the game remains dynamic and respondent to the needs of players.

    What can you do to improve it? having a person that can interact and ask for help, support, or tips and tricks can really improve player morale and help spread word to others that we have an amazing team that they can approach in their questions.
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