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Indigo's Game Master Application [Re-Hire]

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  • Indigo's Game Master Application [Re-Hire]

    Hello and greetings once more. Did you miss me? Regardless, I have decided to apply again. I know it’s a long application, but if you want to, go ahead and read it. It's your choice.

    If you have an opinion, feel free to drop it in a dignified manner, whether that’s negative or not. Simply keep it professional, though, please. We all can respect that, correct? Anyways—

    Basic Questionnaire:

    What’s my age?

    Answer: I am currently 19 years of age, and will be 20 soon.

    What Gender Am I?

    Answer: I Am Male.

    Where do I currently reside? In addition, what is my timezone?

    Answer: As of currently, I reside in the United States, although I do spend some of my summers in Spain where I’m originally from. I live on the East Coast of the United States and therefore my timezone is EST (Eastern Standard Timezone).

    What Languages Do I Speak [fluently and little bit of]?

    Answer: I speak English and Spanish fluently, and I know how to read Portuguese.

    Game Master Application [The Body of the Application].

    A Bit About Yourself:

    Answer: For those who don’t know, my name is Justin. I was born in Madrid, Spain but moved to the United States when I was 13 for cancer treatments. Ironically, I was a past staff member up until a couple weeks ago, but was terminated for reasons not disclosed to me (although it's very obvious to some). That is fine, but I have decided to reapply because there is no harm in doing so. I am currently attending a university and am currently majoring in cyber security/networking. It’s a real hobby of mine, and I know a lot about it. I’m a major hit or miss when it comes to my attitude. I can sometimes be rude, and I have accepted the penalties for that. I have my opinions, and I’m not afraid to voice them (although, granted, sometimes I shouldn’t). I am usually (that means not ALWAYS) quite fun to hang around and am a good listener when it comes to people asking questions. One of my weaknesses is I can be too soft sometimes and should be affirmative much more often. Everyone has their weaknesses, and that is one of mine, along with some of my past mistakes. I’ve been known as being a part of InsanityFlyFF’s drama-base, and I’m alright with that, and have accepted that.

    Playtime on FlyFF and Playtime on InsanityFlyFF:
    Answer: I played Gala Nets' version of FlyFF since I was 7. I stopped playing the Mocomochi Server in 2013 and transferred over to InsanityFlyFF where I’ve met some of my greatest friends. I play FlyFF when I can, and I’d consider it a major pastime for me. I have plenty of experience with the community due to the amount of playtime and some past staff experiences.

    Previous Staff Experience:
    Answer: As I’ve mentioned in my first portion, I was a staff member here at InsanityFlyFF up until about 2-3 weeks ago when I was terminated. My IGN was Indigo. I was a chat moderator on one of my friends’ old servers as well. I was hired in March of 2018 for a gamemaster position here at InsanityFlyFF by a past administrator named Mariëlla. She has since left the staff, but I couldn’t have thanked her for the chance to improve the community. As a game master here at InsanityFlyFF, I was tasked with answering questions, resolving tickets (although granted I wasn’t the best at it (see below--)), doing events (in my spare time away from my studies), and some other projects I had going on.

    What are your biggest weaknesses?

    Answer: Being me, I have many weaknesses. A lot of them are listed below:
    • Being afraid to take action sometimes (kicking, warning, and etc.)....
      • This is not to say I won’t, though. I’m very much known for warning/kicking people.
    • Being soft sometimes.
      • I’m a person where it takes a lot to break down my walls. Nonetheless, I’m soft sometimes and it does affect the way I do work. It’s definitely something I am conscious about.
    • Being too uptight.
      • I hold grudges and it’s something I need to stop doing. There are those people I should exclude from my life, but that I don't/didn't up until now.
    • Being rude.
      • I’ve been known to be a jerk. Although I don’t regret being known as a jerk, it does have its consequences. This is definitely something I can improve on [see improvement section].
    • I let people push me around a lot.
      • I’m a puppet sometimes, and I shouldn’t let that happen.
    • Trusting the wrong people.
      • I’ve learned especially from this and have realized that some people are not worth my time.
    • I act before thinking sometimes.
      • This is pretty much self-explanatory. Contact me if you need some screenshots of my temper. I’m not afraid to hide it anymore.
    • Not being understanding when I should be.
      • Players rely on someone to confide in when they have problems. They shouldn't have to search forever for someone to talk to whether that's in game or on Discord.

    What are your biggest strengths?

    Answer: On the other hand, I do have some strengths. These include but are not limited to the follow listed below:
    • I have a positive attitude (most of the time).
      • I’m normally, a happy person. I’ve been through a lot in life and have always believed that a positive attitude spreads the happiness. Although this is one of my biggest strengths, it’s also one of my weaknesses, because those that I dotreat poorly, don’t get the positivity they truly deserve. To those I do apologize.
    • I don’t fall easily.
      • Although I let people push me around a lot (see weaknesses), that doesn’t mean I’m not still a stone wall. It takes a lot of upset me, and when I do get upset it comes out in the form of anger which I try not to show.
    • Sharing information.
      • I try not to share personal information with people. When it comes down to something that I feel the community should know about, that’s when I will step in and take action on it.
      • Sharing information is important in growth but can be detrimental if shared the wrong way (guess that’s some personal experience).
    • I’m a good listener (most of the time).
      • I like to take in every word that’s directed towards me. Whether that’s a negative comment or positive. It’s ok to speak out, but in reason.
    • ​​​​​​​I attempt to learn from past mistakes.
      • ​​​​​​​Of course, what's in the past is in the past. That doesn't excuse the fact that it still lurks in the depths. Sometimes trust is lost, and sometimes it's gained. That's fine, but at the very least there can be an attempt to learn from past mistakes.

    Why should we hire you (or in this case re-hire)?

    Answer: At the end of the day this is for the staff members to decide. Here are my couple of cents on this matter (the list can go on but here are some of the major parts):
    • Language Base.
      • The majority of the players on this game speak English, Spanish, German, Dutch, and Tagalog (although there are other languages spoken in this game). We do need more people with a background with one or more of these languages, and I feel I am a good asset to this.
    • Learning from Mistakes.
      • Probably one of my biggest regrets was not taking the hint the first time. I’ve made several mistakes in my career as a gamemaster here at InsanityFlyFF but am ready to grow from that if given the privilege. I never applied or went through a process as a beginning GM the first time but am willing to if it means a repeat of the past doesn’t happen. Drama needs to be erased and a clean slate needs to be handed over. I am always willing to learn from past mistakes especially if they are brought up to me. Whether that’s from me talking mad about Hells, (I’ve done it in the past and sometimes regret it but haven’t we all), or players that agitate me. We’d all be lying if we haven’t talked bad about someone here. It’s human nature, and I’m willing to learn from that. I do not apologize for what happened in the past. I meant every word at that time, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned. I’ve said things recently, that once I’ve said them, I’ve regretted it..
    • Community Skills.
      • I am always willing to answer questions. I may not be the best at events, but when it comes down to answering people’s questions, I’m fairly good at the response time. When there are over 20 messages coming in, there is always a delay in responses periodically, but I’m usually good about announcing when that happens. I’m willing to improve on my listening skills, and I’m willing to take the hint when to shut up.
    • Most of the time, I’m Here to Have Fun.
      • Let me make this clear right now: a lot of people thought and still do think I was a gamemaster solely for the salary (yes, GM’s do get payed). I could give a damn about it. In other words, I don’t expect payment. I have a real life job for that reason. I don’t do my job soley for the staff—I do it for the player base as well. As a gamemaster, we serve the community. Whether that means we have to be rude or not.
    • ​​​​​​​Activity.
      • ​​​​​​​As in the "Improvements" section, I would definitely alter my activity schedule to something where I can get on each week a couple times to check in at the very least and answer questions. Whether that's on Discord, in game, or on the ticket system. In addition to player support, listening to the community more and doing more to benefit them.

    What do you think about Insanity's current state and future?

    Here’s my idea on Insanity’s current state. Whether that’s present or in the future:

    A couple current observations:
    • I think there are many things that need to be improved on. For one, listening to the feedback from the player base. We are on our way with this factor, but it still needs to be worked on.
    • Currently, we have an influx of changes happening, and sometimes the player base doesn’t know until the last moment when the patches occur.
    • Something is happening nonetheless. There are changes being put out, and even the slightest progress moves people in the right direction
    • The community needs to be listened to.
      • I’ll get into this in ways I can help improve it.
    • Polls, surveys, and etc.… They need to be handed out to the community. We need their input for the game to grow. The community has plenty of great ideas, but most of the time they feel they’re voice is not being heard, and that does upset me sometimes.
    • InsanityFlyFF is by far one of the most popular games of all time (private server wise), and that's an achievement.
    • The server is being maintained nonetheless.
    In the future this could happen:
    • If we continue to listen to the community, there will be much more material introduced into the game.
    • Because the community is being listened to, donations will spike. People will want to stay at InsanityFlyFF. They will feel that the server deserves it.
    • People won’t start unwanted drama.
      • Because some (NOT ALL) changes aren’t being made, drama is bubbling, and it makes its way throughout the system. People get agitated and upset and it creates an atmosphere most don’t want to belong to.
    • Because polls and such are being released to the community, feedback comes in accurately from the PLAYER BASE, and allows for more time-worthy projects.
      • For instance: I had a Holiday Survey released. I have gotten approximately 40 replies and got some pretty depressing numbers. HOWEVER, there’s feedback on ways to improve systems and such. As for events, there are holiday events people want to see, but because they are never asked, ideas are kept a secret. In the future, asking the players for feedback reduces the risk of people becoming unhappy. People who are happy, bring their friends into the game with them, and the server grows.
    • Much more can happen, but only time will tell...

    What can you do to improve it?

    There are many ways I can improve InsanityFlyFF but here are a couple of ways I can:
    • Being more understanding.
      • I regret not being more understanding and accommodating for those that truly deserved respect. That’s something I truly wasn’t mindful of, and I believe in the long run being conscious of these sorts of things is important. For those that deserve it, I apologize.
    • As a gamemaster, it’s a job to help improve the game. Whether that’s:
      • Discovering new events.
        • ​​​​​​​In addition to events, I can improve the player base count by simply being more active and hosting events. There are quite a couple of people who have commented on here so far that have said there haven't been enough events. Although events can be time consuming at times, I can improve by doing more of them (given I hadn't done any in months).
      • Responding to tickets
      • Listening to the player base
      • Being understanding
        • Of course, everyone has their flaws and there are times when I can’t improve a matter, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be forwarded to administrators.
    • ​​​​​​​Being more active.
      • ​​​​​​​Many GM's including myself had taken disregard to the fact that the player base relies on us. Therefore, something I PERSONALLY can improve on is being in game more to answer questions. I touched upon this in the section above, but many more events also have to be done. I also need to personally improve on doing more activities in game or on the forums. That way, the community is allowed to participate and gain more experience. The player base really enjoys the events and it's a break outside the siege and secret room times.
    • Being more appreciative.
      • I think a major flaw in why I wasn’t improving as a gamemaster before, or improving the game, was the fact that I was being close-minded. I’ve always been an introvert but need to transform that into something that everyone can work with. Not everyone has to like me, but I have to be there for them when they need it the most, and I can’t be as asshole all of the time.
      • I need to improve on my attitude. That is for sure.
        • I need to be more active, of course.
          • I need to improve on being more firm.

    There’s a lot here and I do appreciate all of you for reading this because regardless of opinions, and I hope you'll consider me as a good applicant. Thank you.
    Best-est Regards,
    Justin [Indigo]

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    d e d i c a t i o n. n i c e + 1


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      No. Dedicate your application towards the job you're applying to and make your private viewpoint on the past a footnote, not THE application.


      • Indigo
        Indigo commented
        Editing a comment
        I think I did both didn't I? I believe the application is very much valid Puma. There was no restriction on it being an apology or not so the format was entirely up to us.

      • pumaaa
        pumaaa commented
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        I'm not saying the application isn't valid. But if I was part of the staff, I'd not be interested so much in your apology as the way you present yourself and what potential benefits hiring you would bring.

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      Updated ~ Edited some small details.


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        -1 Same mistakes may happen again, I think the time of Fresh Blood as staff is here. :)


        • Indigo
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          Reasonable assumption ^_^, but everyone makes mistakes.

        • Reptilia
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          Of course they do, but a GM should also have the patience to hear what every player has to say, not just your favored people.

        • Indigo
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          We would also be lying to say we didn't all have our favored people, but if I'm willing to take the chance to change, why not. Take the chance. Some people are just too stubborn to be listened to, me included, but fair. Won't disagree there ^_^.

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        I think you really missed an important point in this application: "Why Should I get rehired?"

        I mean don't get me wrong, as you already said "Everyone makes mistakes" and "Everyone deserves a second chance" BUT you should say to the community and to your old staff mates where you can IMPROVE yourself, because let's all be honest, last days you've been here I never saw you apply yourself as Game Master or doing something useful for the community (even some events), you were just one of the usual Game Masters (so don't take it as a personal blame) who stops doing their job for any reason (I wont get in details of other mistakes you did, since it's not necessary) and as a result: the role of Game Masters goes always to get FOKED and later the community mainly will suffer this lack.

        So since I think it's time to CHANGE this, sorry if I'll say this application is not enough to put my personal trust in you again and I think will be the same for others.


        • Indigo
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          I will expand on that section soon. Edit as well: There isn't a reason to trust me again, that's fine. A lot of Game Masters aren't trusted. It's just a way stuff simply happens Wolfy, bud.
          Last edited by Indigo; 12th-December-2018, 16:29.

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        Edited plenty. Took out some, and then added some. Incorporated the concept of events.

        Deleted some redundant weakness, took out some apologies, and etc. Enjoy--