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  • Triplicity/Powerdices GM Application

    Age: 25
    Sex: Male
    Residence + Timezone: U.S + GMT-7 (Mountain Standard Time)
    Languages: English

    A bit about yourself: Network Engineer.

    Playtime on FlyFF: Started v6 of Flyff, Summer of 2006.

    Playtime on Insanity: Around 3 weeks or so.

    Previous Staff Experience: Game Moderator on various WoW private servers, Runescape Private servers.

    What are your biggest weaknesses? Straightforward, brash, holds perfectionist tendencies.

    What are your biggest strengths? I am an information repository. Given my nature I will do hours of testing just to prove/disprove the smallest detail.

    Why should we hire you? Given my military status I've learned to operate with maximum efficiency and excel with the management of people.

    What do you think about Insanity's current state and future? It is apparent your staff are hard working with much in store for the future (updates/content).

    What can you do to improve it? I can provide innovative ideas and schemas for our staff to implement. Furthermore, I can listen in to the community and relay any updates/changes that will help and further the growth of this server.

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    Perhaps, but there is also no length requirement notified anywhere in the template. I prefer to keep information brief and concise.


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      Interesting application.

      It lacks some detail about your person though. If I'd have to judge your personality by this application, I'd say you're an asshole.
      But apart from that the (short) post includes more information than expected.


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        shoooooooooooooorttttttttt. make it longer ayylmao


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          Pouya I don't know what else to say lol, talking about myself is difficult.


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            its ok goodluck +1 ++1 +1 1+ 1