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  • iTwan's GM application

    Twan - in game: iTwann

    21 years old


    Residence + Timezone:
    The Netherlands, GMT+1

    Dutch, English, German.

    A bit about yourself:
    Hello my name is Twan and i work as a full time ICT guy at home (sometimes at stores to fix things there), i am online for like 10hours a day and i love it to help new people that dont have a clue what they doing and see them grow everyday. Some hate me, some like me but yeah thats always. at the end when people need help im there for them and try to help them where i can.

    Playtime on FlyFF:
    Around 11 years.

    Playtime on Insanity:
    7/8 years [quited 2 times cause of school and personal reasons.
    PvE & PvP

    Previous Staff Experience:
    No staff experience on this server, i did some events on twitch.

    What are your biggest weaknesses?
    Sometimes when im wrong i dont wanna say that im wrong. i just wanna prove that i am right even im not.

    What are your biggest strengths?
    I like it to talk with people and i wanna help them everytime. so lets say my social "skills" and my knowledge of flyff.
    And i can be very patience, when its needed i will tell something 7times till the player understands it and he is fully helped.

    Why should we hire you?
    Because i am a good ear for the community, when they have problems they can msg me all the time (ingame, discord, forum) and i will help them as much i can.
    When they got suggestions i will listen to it and give every suggestion a chance, i talk with other gm's and when we think this could be a great idea i will talk about it with the admins.

    What do you think about Insanity's current state and future?
    The current state of Insanity flyff is not bad at all, in my opinion the server needs more pve&pvp content to keep the playerbase here. (pve is already coming iknow). The future will be great i think, the xmas event and upcoming colosseum will be great for sure !

    What can you do to improve it?
    The things i can do is listen to the players and pass the feedback to the staff, Hosting daily events & help the playerbase ingame.
    Also i can try to get new people play here with Livestreaming GM events, Give live guides to players and stuff like this.

    *updated 06-12-2018*
    Last edited by iTwan; 9th-December-2018, 19:01.

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    +1, go girl!


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      Originally posted by Lucky
      Very poorly written application. If you were filled out a job application and the question was why should we hire you? Would you put down 2 sentences as a response? -1 from me until I see a change in care for the position.
      As u wish i editted some parts of my application.


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        No.There's nothing in this application besides a quick intro.


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          I love it to get feedback, but getting feedback from someone who gets banned (again) i dont take serious.

          still thanks for ya time, up to the staff ❤️

          Love for the playerbase, im there to help you guys !☺️
          Last edited by iTwan; 4th-December-2018, 01:09.


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            If I want to hire a GM, I want him to not be a complete douchebag or lazy.
            By ensuring you actually try to convince the staff to hire you ( with an informative and detailed application ) it's at least less likely that you fall into one of those categories.


            • iTwan
              iTwan commented
              Editing a comment
              Updated, im not the greatest in write a application in english woops

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            n i c e. atleast someone is using the template


            • iTwan
              iTwan commented
              Editing a comment
              Thanks !