Name / IGN: My Real name is Aaron Ale, but my nickname is Taratex. My main in-game at the moment is called Haleth, but I also have a mentalist called Meliae

Guild: Right now I am a member of the Reverie/Reveria guild

Age: 20 years of age, birth date is 11-04-1999 (11th of april)

Sex: male

Residence + Timezone: I live in The Netherlands, and my timezone is GMT +2

Discord ID: Taratex#7880

Languages: English: Fluent in writing and speaking
Dutch: Fluent in writing and speaking
German: I can read german decently, but can't speak or write it well

A bit about yourself:
Hello! My name is Aaron Ale, I am 20 years old and live in The Netherlands. I am a student, and I am studying Chemical Physical analyst,
at this study I learn all about Chemistry, and how to work in a laboratory. My hobbies are basically gaming and I also really like Chemistry, so that is why I chose this education. I also Really love animals and have Geckos and a cat myself. I love listening to all sorts of music. While working, traveling. Whenever I can wear headphones to listen to music I will do so.
I have been playing games since I was little. I started playing shooters mostly, but then came in touch with my first MMO, WoW. After that it has been always either shooters and mmorpgs. I started playing flyff a few years back and loved it a lot, and the passion for it never left me!

Experience on flyff & Insanity:
I am not sure how long I've been playing flyff or insanity. If I would have to guess, flyff for 5 years and Insanity flyff for close to two years.
On normal flyff I never got high lvl so I didn't really have much experience. But ever since I started playing on private servers I've gotten a lot more knowledge in the game.
Right now I am confident to say that I know nearly everything about the game and can explain anything to anyone

Availability during a regular week:
I can be online every day of the week, on work days probably only one to two hours in the evening, but on weekend I have all the time.

Previous staff experience:
October 2018 - January 2019 I was a Moderator on a Runescape private server called Lunar. My task was to help players and explain the game to them, also to host small events.

What are your biggest weaknesses?
-I can find it hard to understand really broken English, but I am patient enough to figure it out with the person.
-Sometimes I am not the fastest worker, especially if I am too tired
-I can get distracted really fast
-I can be so kind sometimes I am taken advantage of
-Sometimes I dont know if someone is being serious or just joking

What are your biggest strengths?
-I am a kind person
-I am patient
-I am persistent
-I am a great team player
-I can handle things on my own too
-I can work under pressure

Why should we hire you?
I love the game, and have great passion for it.Also I want to help new players understand the game and hopefully make them love it as much as I do. Also I am a great team member and get along with most people.
I know a ton about the game and am good at helping other players to the best of my ability. Besides helping I loved hosting events on the Runescape private server.
And I really think I am the type of person you guys are looking for. I am really motivated and have high energy and I really hope to be on the team.

Thank you for reading my application!

Aaron Ale / Taratex