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[CLOSED] GM Application Form

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  • [CLOSED] GM Application Form

    Before you apply for GM, please read this thread thoroughly. As a Game Master you are not just here to hop in game and host events whenever. There are certain skills you need to be able to cope with what the job involves. Players will be rude to you, and they will push you to your limits like a class of high school kids with an intern teacher. Remain patient, neutral and deal with situations as they come. Communicate with your fellow Game Masters and higher-ups as much as you can.

    - Good understanding of the English language
    - Ability to stay neutral and provide neutral feedback
    - Good knowledge of the game (Insanity) and its custom features
    - Ability to dedicate at least 10 hours a week to the job
    - Hosting a minimum of 4 events a week


    Q: What is expected of me as a GM?
    A: As a GM you do not only host events. Although it can be a big part of the job, the main priority of being a GM is to communicate the players needs to the rest of the staff, to improve the overall experience of the game. Events are just there for entertainment purposes, and provide something different from the regular grinds that are already set in game. We expect that you are creative enough to think of different type of events to mix things up, and that you are aware of the requirements listed above.
    You may be asked by an Admin to work on things outside of the game, which may include Discord, Forums, Wiki or SNS.

    Q: Do I get paid?
    A: You get paid on a monthly basis with iPoints. These iPoints will be put on your main account.

    Q: What kind of powers do I get?
    A: Discord/Forums GM status with ability to warn / kick / ban.
    In-game: invisible, undying, teleport, summon, event rewards, system shout.

    Q: Where do I apply?
    A: Here, Create a topic with a relevant title!

    Q: I can't see my topic after I posted it. Why?
    A: Only staff members can see your topic. If you wish to make edits, post it again and add "v2" to the title.

    Q: I applied before, what should I do?
    A: You may apply again. But please follow the new format, and read this thread thoroughly before you do so.

    Application Format

    Please follow the format. You may add any additional information at the end of your application.
    Discord is a required form of communication for any staff member.

    Name / IGN: your nickname or real name + main character
    Guild: if any
    Sex: male / female
    Residence + Timezone: the country you live in and its timezone
    Discord ID: example; user#4093 - Add yous#4093 on Discord if you are applying!
    Languages: mention your level of fluency for each

    A bit about yourself:
    Experience on Insanity:
    Availability during a regular week: think of your work / school schedule, only add certain availability
    Previous staff experience: list them in order
    Why should we hire you?

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    Name / IGN: Mia / Moana / Anne
    Guild: Unstoppable / Inception
    Age: 20
    Sex: Female
    Residence + Timezone: Philippines GMT+8
    Discord ID: Mia #2726
    Languages: Filipino, English

    A bit about yourself: Hi I'm a 20 - year old Filipina girl that is currently studying in a university here in the Philippines. I am already on my last year as a school girl. I have taken up an Engineering class that deals with the natural resources that we can find in the world. In my group of friends, I have been defined as their happy pill as I always bring that positive energy whenever I am around them. Whenever people need my help, I always try my best to help them with all my might, may it be technical or not. As a friend or a person, I always try to understand both sides of the party whenever there are problems between my friends and I always try to stay true to them as long as I know that it will affect the situation positively.
    Experience on flyff & Insanity: I have been a flyff addict that has played insanity for almost 5 years. I have donated thrice to help the server a little bit and has also been a farmer in game. Now, I am into both the PvP and PvE worlds. Hence, why I have 2 main characters that are in a different guild. For my 5 years stay here in insanity, I have met people who has become my friends both in the real world and in the online world. flyff has always been my go to game whenever I feel stressed with my schoolworks. Insanity has always been a fun game for me wherein it enables me to meet friends and enjoy the game with them.
    Availability during a regular week: I am free from Monday to Wednesday (whole day). Thursday, Friday and Sunday (Half - day)
    Previous staff experience: none >:
    What are your biggest weaknesses? My biggest weakness when it comes to fulfilling this duty is that since the Philippines is very known to its turtle-like-internet-speed, I am afraid that there might be some days in the months where I won't be able to log in game to play and do my work as a GM.
    What are your biggest strengths? My biggest strength tho is that whenever I am free to be online, I do work as much as possible and whenever I miss some important events, I make sure that I get back or I always make sure to do something more just to pay for that missed moment.
    Why should we hire you? I guess the community would deserve someone like me who knows the game so well may it be PvP or PvE based, who is much knowledgeable about the game's content and who is also willing to help the new comers and the returnees. With the proper guidance from my head staff, I would also be willing to put all of my efforts to make the community lively.


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      Name / IGN: Real name: Adrian, Siote(nickname), Main character: BleedSlowly
      Guild: Reveria
      Age: 19
      Sex: male
      Residence + Timezone: Philippines (GMT+8)
      Discord ID: EndSutke#3466
      Languages: Filipino: average, English: average, Chinese: very little, Waray-waray: average, Bisaya: Average.

      A bit about yourself:I'm responsible and loves computations and dealing with number and datas. I'm currently taking my first year of college as an ECE student.
      Experience on flyff & Insanity: I've played many flyff private servers which accounts for me having a considerable amount of experience in the game. I've also played insanity flyff a lot 2 years go, for a span also of 2 years. I played so much flyff that I tried to make my own server but lacked the funds to maintain it. I'm willing to learn more about the game
      Availability during a regular week: I can play 2-4hours a day (during night or afternoon after classes)
      Previous staff experience: I've been an event gm in godz's flyff server together with my cousin for 1 year
      What are your biggest weaknesses? writing written outputs, speaking publicly (but in game no problem)
      What are your biggest strengths? computation and dealing with data, managing, strategic planning, strong objectivism
      Why should we hire you? I can be a versatile player that can support in any event. I am a very crafty online seller, doing businesses is one of my specialty. I often most deal with negotiations. I can get my points straightforward


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        Name / IGN: Giovanni Zerna / ShamanRain
        Guild: Crucial
        Age: 34
        Sex: Male
        Residence + Timezone: Tanjay City, Negros Oriental, Philippines
        Discord ID: #3470
        Languages: Cebuano/Tagalo/English - Fluent

        A bit about yourself: I am currently a Freelance Online Annotation Specialist. I love playing online games, I have been playing online games since my elementary days. Dedicated to what im am working at. Keeps on thinking on what are the things that I can improve on so that I can help others. Can work independently or with a team. Currently, I am the Team Lead of my online work.

        Experience on flyff & Insanity: I have played flyff way back when it was first released in the Philippines which was an official server. Played for some years. Stopped playing flyff after a couple of years due to some since I got busy with my studies. So after so many years, decided to play flyff again, searching through the internet, YouTube and found videos of Alerassus streaming Insanity flyff. Got interested and after watching guides and tutorial about the game, I started to play and I find Insanity flyff very fun. Daily events, Friendly community, Communication is awesome in-game and on discord.

        Availability during a regular week: I am available playing the game 14hours a day at most. That is from 7am-9pm +8GMT.

        Previous staff experience:
        * Manager of Li-lo Online Marketing (2009)
        * Game Master RF Legends Online (2009)
        * Marketing Specialist of RUSI (2010-2014)
        * Floor Supervisor (Qualfon Dumaguete) - (Six Sigma Graduate)(Leadership Academy Graduate) (2014-2018)
        * Operations Manager (Dumagueteneo Strategic Solutions) (Nov. 2018 - Feb. 2019)
        * Currently Operations Team Lead (Online Freelancing for Autonomous Cars)

        What are your biggest weaknesses? My biggest weakness is my kindness and Leniency. Often times gets abused.

        What are your biggest strengths? As mentioned in my weakness, having these weaknesses keeps me going as it gives me more motivation to find ways of improving my self. I use my weakness as a tool to study peoples approach in order for me to adjust to different situations. Keeps me being flexible and able to understand different personalities.

        Why should we hire you? I am a person that can work independently or can work together with a team. A very flexible person that knows how to adjust in different situations. Listen to ideas and suggestion so as to make the right decision.


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          Name / IGN: Victor - Hautequestt ( main character )
          Guild: BrazilForte
          Age: 26
          Sex: Male
          Residence + Timezone: Brazil UTC-3
          Discord ID: Hautequestt#5544
          Languages: I'm fluent in english and portuguese.

          A bit about yourself:

          Experience on flyff & Insanity: I've been playing flyff for almost 13 years now. Started in the global, then went to Brazuka server and Mazzey. I've been updating myself regarding the Insanity particularities and improving my knowledge about this awesome server.

          Availability during a regular week: I'm available all normal week days, all day long. In the weekends, I normaly stay with my son and wife, but I can still host a quick event or work in the forum.

          Previous staff experience: I've just had a 3 months experience as a GM in Brazuka server, but I stood active in the forums and hosting small events

          What are your biggest weaknesses? I'm kinda soft. I'll always do my best to help people, specially newcommers, so they can enjoy the game the best way possible. ( But I don't give away itens and stuff. Just knowledge and host events )

          What are your biggest strengths? I'm eager of knowledge and humble. I know I have much to learn, and, being accepted as a staff member, I'll do my best to promote the game and the satisfaction of our current players


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            Name/IGN: Hank | Yami

            Guild: Reverie

            Age: 28
            Sex: Male

            Residence + Timezone: NEW YORK,USA (EDT)

            Discord: Yami:7777

            Languages: English : Fluent , Cambodian : Fluent , Vietnamese : Fluent , Spanish : Semi- Fluent , Portguese : Semi - Fluent

            A bit about yourself:
            I have been playing Insanity for roughly seven months, and within those months I know the importance of separating time for fun and work. I am a man of respect and considering the amount of time and money poured into this server, You have earned that. Being in Sales my whole life, I've learned to handle strenuous situations in the most professional way. In order to succeed in a 100% commission based job, you have to meet and or exceed customer expectations. As much as we fancy the word GAME MASTER - We are here to make sure our player base is happy and that their voice is heard, to appropriately meet and or exceed our players' expectations.

            Experience on flyff & Insanity: I was always big into MMOs growing up. Runescape, Ragnarok Online, Fly For Fun, but ever since 2004 when flyff came out I was hooked. Of course, being young and an attention span of a rat, I moved on to the next raging MMO of the year. Throughout the years I've always found myself back at flyff Official servers. I'm nearing my 12 month anniversary on Insanity flyff and let me tell you, its been one hell of a ride!!


            Previous Staff Experience:
            Working in Sales, I've had opportunities to take the initiative and lead a whole team to meet annual percentages. Providing a team direction and clear examples of how things are done were and still is a very strong suit of mine. Leading with kindness but also being stringent when needed.

            What are your biggest weaknesses?
            Creativity, It usually takes me a lot of planning to get a Guild Event, or even a social event/ gathering together, That being said to add on to my chaos of weaknesses I have trouble prioritizing which task at hand should be done first. Oh yeah, Advanced Mathematics, HUGE NO to that, please.

            What are your biggest strengths?
            I have an extremely strong work ethic. When deadlines are provided, rather than meeting the deadline, Id prefers to complete the project well ahead of schedule. Last fiscal year, I've actually made the Million Dollar Club with 3 months in the year left to spare. I'm also continuing to exceed my sales goal every quarter.
            I take great pride in my Customer Relations skills. With over 10+ years of Customer relation type of jobs, I know how to effectly understand and resolve issues. On a more related note, My communications skills are superb, I am faced with all types of language barriers every day and know how to work around the English language to help communication flow easier.
            My background as a Criminal Justice Major will certainly help me succeed in this GM position, I find my ability to maintain and follow strict orders and maintain a civil atmosphere meshes will together with my other skills.

            Why should we hire you?
            You should hire me because I am a hard worker and willing to push beyond the limits to make my surrounding peers happy. I care for others' happiness more than my own, so that shows that I would do anything for the people and the server I care about. I am also well in touch with the community. Even though I am mainly a PVE player, I am well connected with the PVP scene as well. Furthermost, I have very high knowledge of the game and can communicate well with others to get the same goal accomplished.

            Guild: Reverie | IGN:Yami
            DISCORD: Yami#0777


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              Name / IGN: Ham / Kaiju
              Guild: LEGIT
              Age: 18
              Sex: male
              Residence + Timezone: Jordan / (GMT+3)
              Discord ID: Ham#1878
              Languages: Arabic : mother language / English : equally good at it as Arabic
              A bit about yourself: im currently still a student but gaming is just as important as studying to me
              Experience on flyff & Insanity: i started playing flyff in 2011 // Insanity in 2013 before wipe and started again about a month and a half ago
              Availability during a regular week: 18-22 hours a week
              Previous staff experience: Non
              What are your biggest weaknesses? Insecurity
              What are your biggest strengths? following the phrase "Mind over matter"
              Why should we hire you? Because i will meet up to your expectations and will be a great addition to the team