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  • O v e r p o w e r e d :)

    Name/IGN: Name/IGN: Overpowered
    Guild: Duh
    Age: 31
    Sex: Male
    Residence + Timezone: California (PST)
    Discord ID: Cynic#7515
    Languages: English, Some Tagalog lol

    A bit about yourself:
    Been building PC's for over a decade. Been on FlyFF since KFly back in 2005-ish.
    I enjoy chillin with the homies, playing with my dog, and just socializing in general.

    Playtime on FlyFF/Insanity:
    I've only been only been on Insanity recently for the past couple of months but I was on it waaaay back when. I've made a decent amount of friends here and even enemies who had become good friends.
    I currently main a PvP templar and a PvE seraph but I have one of each class, some even multiples Lol.
    I feel like i know most of how the custom things work here and if there is something I don't know, well - im a quick learner.

    Availability during a regular week:
    MON-FRI, anytime after 5PM until about 10 or 11.
    SAT, On and off.
    SUN, anytime.

    Previous Staff Experience:
    I've managed people in real life but I'm sure that's not what you want to hear.
    I' have successfully admin'd multiple servers including but no limited to Rust, CSGO, WoW Private server, and an Ark server.
    All with a very good amount of players. (500-1k+).

    What are your biggest weaknesses?
    My PvP templar lmao.

    What are your biggest strengths?
    Anything computer related in general, but i specialize in network penetration testing and networking.
    I'm also a people person with great communication skills and can read people very well, dealing with situations competently.

    Why should we hire you?
    Why shouldn't you hire me? (;
    No, but really - Insanity is my home and I would love the chance to forge a new chapter within the community.
    I also feel like I have a lot to offer in terms of ideas and creationism.