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  • GM Position Resume: Voice

    Name / IGN: Enea || Voice
    Guild: Duh
    Age: 22
    Sex: M
    Residence + Timezone: United States Eastern Time
    Discord ID: Enea#1345
    Languages: High Level of fluency in English

    A bit about yourself:
    I'm a 22 year old student, I major in biomedical engineering, work part time as an Immuno-chemist. I'm a very nice individual and very fair. I make decisions based off of logic and and whats right in the moment. I'm a very understanding and compassionate individual that really likes this game. I do have a bit of a coding back ground also, I'm a very tech savvy individual. I like beer and mmo's, way too much.

    Experience on FlyFF / Insanity:
    I've been playing flyff since v12. I love the game, can never escape, I've played multiple p-servers, Insanity for the longest and only play this now. I've been apart of the Insanity community since 2012, I believe. I've explored the whole world of Madrigal, played all the classes, learned pretty much every trick and bug there is to the game. I've met a bunch of great people and a bunch of not so great. I've had my share of awesome of experiences of seeing my toons really develop in both PvE play and PvP play. Been apart of multiple guilds to many to count. Awakened items probably a billion times. I know the market system well too, I know how to capitalize on the market system, fluctuate the price of items how I see fit and I can see when other players are doing the same. I've learned all the cons and the pro's to playing this game and there are plenty. I've dealt with the community in this game and thus far I think it's easily the best community any flyff can have. Coming from how I see the current GM's, Admins, and Dev's working the way they do, all of you do a great job to keep the game running smoothly and deal with problems quickly. I also know I can add to the work you guys are doing already and hopefully make the community even better.

    Availability during a regular week:
    5 to 6 hours a day Friday Saturday Sunday

    Previous staff experience:
    Currently Interning as an Immuno-chemist for a small research company.
    Fitness manager for 1 years at my local gym.
    Fitness crew member for 1 year at my local gym.

    What are your biggest weaknesses:
    I'm not good with on the spot type work, I like to have plans set out for the work I do.

    What are your biggest strengths:
    Very organised

    Why should we hire you?
    With the position I hope to take care of the game and the people in it, I love helping people, either giving info to players not so readily available. Showing players how to enjoy this game with others and not having to feel alone. Including everyone in on events or dungeon runs. Or simply giving a donation of items so newbies can have an easier time to play through. I want to help the community get the same sense of joy I get when I log into my toons and explore the game from just riding a mount up and down the world to trying new cs on for a bomb new look. I'm here to help.

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    Great Application
    has my support