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December's GM Application

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  • December's GM Application

    Name / IGN: Name's Cherii and ign is December.
    Guild: Royale
    Age: 24
    Sex: Female
    Residence + Timezone: Malaysia (Timezone: GMT+8)
    Discord ID: Cherii#0807
    Languages: Fluent in English, Chinese and Malay.

    A bit about yourself: I'm a very easy going person and I get along well with everyone. I love meeting new people. I handle stress situation pretty well as my irl job trained me to do so.

    Experience on FlyFF / Insanity: I've been playing Flyff for 14 years now.

    Availability during a regular week: Available on weekdays for about 2 - 4 hours, and on weekends about 6 - 8 hours. Depending on my job IRL as well as it sometimes requires travelling.

    Previous staff experience: GM on Krazy Flyff before it was shut down.

    What are your biggest weaknesses? I'm too nice to people and Elena. I can be too frank over certain things.

    What are your biggest strengths? I constantly try to improve myself into a better person. My intuition on people are usually never wrong. I'm good at listening to people and giving advice when I'm required to do so.

    Why should we hire you? I know when to be serious and when to have fun. I'm available almost all of the time and able to help out whenever someone needs help. My past GM experience can be put to good use.

    P.S: If you ever consider hiring me as a GM, please hire Elena as well. We come in a package and two is always better than one.