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Yami For GAME MASTER 2019!

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  • Yami For GAME MASTER 2019!

    Name/IGN: Hank [Yami]
    Guild: Reverie
    Age: 28
    Sex: Male
    Residence + Timezone: NEW YORK,USA (EDT)
    Discord ID: Yami#0777
    Languages: English [Fluency Level: Advanced]

    A bit about yourself:
    I have been playing Insanity for roughly seven months, and within those months I know the importance of separating time for fun and work. I am a man of respect and considering the amount of love, time and money poured into this server, You have earned that. Being in Sales my whole life, I've learned to handle strenuous situations in the most professional way. In order to succeed in a 100% commission based job, you have to meet and or exceed customer expectations. As much as we fancy the word GAME MASTER - We are here to make sure our player base is happy and that their voice is heard, to appropriately meet and or exceed our players' expectations.

    Playtime on FlyFF/Insanity:
    I was always big into MMOs growing up. Runescape, Ragnarok Online, Fly For Fun, but ever since 2004 when Flyff came out I was hooked. Of course, being young and an attention span of a rat, I moved on to the next raging MMO of the year. Throughout the years I've always found myself back at Flyff Official servers. It will mark 7 great months exactly one week from today! (13/5/2019)

    Availability during a regular week:
    MONDAY/TUESDAY 00:01-24:00, WEDNESDAY 05:00-14:00 FRIDAY 14:00-20:00 SAT/SUN will change accordingly.

    Previous Staff Experience:
    Working in Sales, I've had opportunities to take the initiative and lead a whole team to meet annual percentages. Also, Managing and providing a team direction and clear examples of how things are done were and still is a very strong suit of mine. Leading with kindness but also being stringent when needed. Although if hired, this being my first GM position I feel like my managerial skills will be able to carry over at ease.

    What are your biggest weaknesses?
    Creativity, It usually takes me a lot of planning to get a Guild Event, or even a social event/ gathering together, That being said to add on to my chaos of weaknesses I have trouble prioritizing which task at hand should be done first. Oh yeah, Advanced Mathematics, HUGE NO to that, please.

    What are your biggest strengths?
    I have extremely strong work ethics. When deadlines are provided, rather than meeting the deadline, Id prefers to complete the project well ahead of schedule. Last fiscal year, I've actually made the Million Dollar Club with 3 months in the year left to spare. I'm also continuing to exceed my sales goal every quarter.
    I take great pride in my Customer Relation skills. With over 10+ years of Customer relation type of jobs, I know how to effectively understand and resolve issues. On a more related note, My communications skills are superb, I am faced with all types of language barriers every day and know how to work around the English language to help communication flow easier. My background as a Criminal Justice Major will certainly help me succeed in this GM position, I find my ability to maintain and follow strict orders and maintain a civil atmosphere meshes will together with my other skills.

    Why should we hire you?
    Playing Insanity Flyff with past and current Gamemasters have put an ideal picture in my head of what it takes to operate at an efficient rate and stay sane. I possess a combination of skills and experience that makes me stand out from the crowd. My attitude towards everyone in Insanity Flyff will prove that my addition to the team would increase morale for the current GM team and the presence of a GM always online will put security in other players minds. As always, standing a neutral ground between players and Gamemasters will help promote healthy and fun work and play environment.

    Thank you very much for the time you took to read my application for the position of Game Master.
    Last edited by Yami; 6th-May-2019, 18:04.

    Guild: Reverie | IGN:Yami
    DISCORD: Yami#0777

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