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  • Taratex' Game Master application

    Age: 19
    Sex: Male
    Residence + Time zone: Near Amsterdam, GMT +1
    Languages: My Mother Tongue is Dutch. I also speak English quite well, and some German

    A bit about yourself: My name is Aaron, I'm a 19-year-old student who is studying chemistry in Amsterdam. I already have a degree in all-round laboratory work. If all goes well, I'd like to study abroad in the research and development compartment of an important pharmaceutical company to make medicines better/more accessible. My hobbies are playing video games, chatting with friends and messing with chemicals. I also like to watch anime and just watching videos.

    Playtime on FlyFF: I can't remember exactly when I started playing FlyFF, but my guess is 8-10 years ago. I haven't played it "hardcore", I've always just loved the scenery and gameplay.

    Playtime on Insanity: The first time I played Insanity is about 4 years ago, this was very casually. Last year I started playing more seriously. Then I took a break for more than half a year. I came back a few months back and have been playing actively ever since. I know nearly everything about the game.

    Previous Staff Experience: I've been a moderator for a Garry's mods dark RP server. I've also been a moderator on a RuneScape private server. these two experiences combined were for about 4-6 months. The moderator ship ended on both servers because the server died because the player base becoming too small.

    What are your biggest weaknesses?:
    - I mostly put others before myself, even if it is at the cost of myself
    -I can lose my patience on certain scenarios which don't involve helping people
    - Can be so kind that people take advantage of it

    What are your biggest strengths?:
    - Patient
    - Always kind and helpful
    - Working under pressure
    - Teamwork
    - Solving problems
    - Persevering
    - Eager to learn new things
    - Motivated

    Why should we hire you?:
    I have experience when it comes to being a GM/Moderator, and also working under pressure. I'm easy to work with and be in a team with. And on top of that I'm always as kind and as helpful as one can be. I also love to help people and just have a lot of fun with the community. I have no problems whatsoever socially communicating with people. I love to see the community grow and be a huge help in the server, because it's an amazing server.

    What do you think about Insanity's current state and future? Right now I feel like it is in a state where it can go two ways in the future, because the player rate has been dropping a bit lately, because of multiple factors. But as it looks right now it'll either do down as one of the best, if not the best private servers. Or it can continue to grow and improve to an even more amazing state

    What can you do to improve it? Help the new players by answering questions, making sure they know what to do/ how to progress without taking the fun out of it (Basically meaning I won't do it for them, I'll just give them a pat on the back). Host events to make people happy and cheerful, and make sure everyone is enjoying their time. And of course, the most important thing of all, Dance in Flaris.
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