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  • Ari's GM Application

    Name: My name is Adrienn, but friends just call me Ari

    Age: I am 20-years old (1999)

    Sex: Female

    Residence + Timezone: I live in Finland and my time zone is GMT +2

    Languages: Hungarian (motherlanguage), Finnish (mother language), English ( studied over 12 years), German (studied 3 years), Swedish (studied 4 years)

    A bit about yourself:
    Hello, my name is Adrienn and I am 20-years old. Right now I am studying at upper secondary school and I am an Abi. Abi means that I am in my last year at this school and I will be graduating. If everything goes well, than my future career will be a dentist.

    In addition to school I have part-time work. I am a clerk at my city's cross-country skiing center. I also teach 3 - 6 children cooking classes. So I am also a cooking club leader. I do not have that many hobbies but I am trying to keep busy. I like drawing, dancing and playing with video games. I am also an amateur photographer. Sometimes I also like watching anime or series. My favorite series is Game of Thrones and anime … well I watching One Piece and nowadays Black Clover and The Rising of the Shield Hero. I also like hanging out with friends. Sports are also a part of my life. Jogging, swimming, snowboarding and gym training are cool.

    Playtime on FlyFF: My mom's little brother is the one who started playing Flyff and I became interested when I was watching him. I was 7-years old. My first character was a magician and later my main character became a billposter. I played for 5-years. I was also once guild master here.

    Playtime on Insanity: I started playing on Insanity when I was 12-years old. I realized that the official Flyff takes forever to get the max level and get the better gear. So I gave up and with google’s help I found this server. I have played on this server for 7 years.

    Previous Staff Experience: I do not have any previous experience, but I would love to learn new things and become an expert.

    What are your biggest weaknesses? I can easily take on a lot of burden. I mean I always want to be helpful so I cannot easily say "no". If somebody asks for my help, then I help them even if I am busy. I also care, even if the person hate me or he/she is a bad person. So my real biggest weakness is my loveliness.

    What are your biggest strengths? I am a very social person. I enjoying meeting new people and make fun, laughing with them and making funny memories with them. I am also a good listener and I always try to stay positive. I also try to be funny and make people laugh even when they are sad.

    Why should we hire you? I see myself as being a great team member here, because I have good social skills. I have years of experience of the game, which is a big help for newer players and for other players if they have questions or other problems. I also have good patience, so it is not a problem if somebody asks me the same question ten times. My positive attitude can make people not be shy to ask me something and will make feel that GMs also care about our players.I want also make events and have fun together with players! :)

    What do you think about Insanity's current state and future? The server is advancing and developers are trying all the time to make players have fun and enjoy the game. Sometimes server lags (flying around not working well, buff pang teleport lag etc.) or there are interesting patches that sometimes make people be excited or thinking " will this be good or not". Developers are also open and online here at discord which is very good. I can just say, that the server will be better and better in the future months, especially if players also help and give their viewpoint like they always have been doing.

    What can you do to improve it?I can be a support who wants to help listen to the European and other players when other GM cannot be online because they are either tired, sleeping, working or busy with anything else in real life. With my language skills I can also be helpful and easily talk with GMs and other players. Nowadays more Finnish people started to play. This is something that I could directly help out with and I can also support the other Finnish GM if she needs. I do not really have busy days, so I have free time. I am also able to be on discord a lot to be easily reachable. I have a creative brain, so maybe I can help come up with new and exciting event ideas.I really like events, so I want myself make also lots!! :)