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  • JazterShawn GM application

    Age: 21 and turning 22 this march
    Sex: Male
    Residence + Timezone: Philippines PHT UTC+8h
    Languages: Filipino and English

    A bit about yourself:

    Hi my name is Jonathan Chester O. Molon, I am born in Philippines and I am a graduated college student from a university here in the Philippines and now a call center agent in one of the company here in in our country. I am now a father with a one child and its a boy, i actually playing many games since i was a little kid, we suppose to have a computer shop back then but as times go by we cant manage to handle the shop because every one of us has a chores to do like going to school and going to work that is why we decided to close it for some reason, but for now i have my own computer to play games like insanity flyff. Actually i love playing basketball too, because that`s our family`s hobby, yeah, family hobby, because in every side of my family was a basketball player. But on the other side I still like playing computer games, i grew up with that, playing computer games makes me happy and it kill all the stress i have when there is a problem. Computer games for me is not only a game, its a life for me, it completes my life.

    Playtime on FlyFF:

    I play Flyff Philippines for long, and transfer to another flyff server and now play insanity flyff.

    Playtime on Insanity:

    I only play insanity flyff this January 2019, because i download some online games and for some reason i didn't like the other games i download, but as i search some games some pop up to me and yes its flyff, but when i search flyff downloads the server the came up was insanity flyff and i do some research if the feedback to this game is good, and yes it is and when i am already decided to download it i didn't hesitate to download it. Now i am already enjoying playing insanity flyff on my computer.

    Previous Staff Experience:

    actually i am a GM on a online games back then and i don`t know actually if you are familiar with Ran online. Yeah it is ran online but a private server too.

    What are your biggest weaknesses?

    My biggest weakness, uhhmmm. lets say my weakness is my family. My family is my life, and i don`t know who i am today if they were not here on my side. And my other biggest weakness is To think that i am a failure, yes i am scared to failed for everything and i do not want to failed anything i do. But i tell you this weakness of mine is that i overcome, because of the online games i played. Being a Gm back then helps me overcome this situation, because it helps me a lot to handle a game but for me it is not only handling a game, for me it makes me handle my own self because if you handle the game it means you can handle your own future.

    What are your biggest strengths?

    My biggest strength are too many. I am a Good listener, i do have a positive attitude, and i am a kind person, i do share my learning if someones needed and i am a good person. All of that listed above is all true, because being rude or not a good person is not good. For me Living life well is too live happily, and for you to make others happier.

    Why should we hire you?

    i think this is for the owner and the community to decide, but for me if you hire me i can help you to manage this game and i am always active and i was a good person to other people to make this game more fun and enjoyable.

    What do you think about Insanity's current state and future?

    I think this game future will be going all over the world of games, because the current state if you play this game will give impact to the player and recommend it to other people.

    What can you do to improve it?

    I can help improving this game by the ways of, being active for when there are questions by the players someone can answer it, being more appreciative to the other players so they do not think that they are unnoticed, I can make more events for the players for make this insanity flyff a more Enjoyable game.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________
    I can still do more than I can say, And thank you for reading this application for being a GM. I hope you can choose me as a good applicant that will help you to manage this game. Thank you.
    Jonathan Chester O. Molon