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  • SketchZ GM application

    Age: 23, born in 1996 6th of february
    Gender: Male
    Country: I live in The Netherlands
    Timezone: GMT+1 (server time)
    Language: Dutch And English

    About myself:
    Hi there, I've been known as SketchZ for the past 13 years in any game I play, my real name is Darryl and i'll tell you a bit about my past.

    Ever since I was a kid I loved playing games, I started on consoles like Gameboy Advance etc. When I turned 7 years old I played my very first MMORPG called Turfbattles, my cousin introduced me, my brother and our best friend to this game (this was back in 2003). My brother and our best friend were 5 years older than me so naturally they'd be way better than me in playing games at the time, I always looked up to them and wanted to become good myself. I've played many MMORPG and other games throughout the years and i've spend alot of my life doing so. I became a very competitive gamer, every game I played I always wanted to be on top or the best in almost any game, thats my way of having fun in games :D.

    Personality wise, I am a very sociable person that loves to talk to people but I also love sarcasm and trolling around with peeps. I can also be very blant when I feel like it :P. I never had any problems making friends in games neither in real life, i've lead a very normal life aside from gaming (not interesting), playing outside as a kid, hanging around with friends and stuff. I always loved to do random stuff and learn things with my best friend from high school, we would juggle, joke around and draw alot.

    Aside from playing flyff, I love to workout aswell in the Gym, its a way for me to release some frustrations etc. I've graduated from College 3 years ago when I studied IT, now I work as Junior IT Consultant for a company 5 days a week.

    Insanity Flyff/Flyff and me:
    I've started Insanity Flyff in 2009 when we still used Xat. I was the only pvp bladeposter back then and it was good fun. I still remember all the staff members including Mariella and Jinxed, great to see some of u guys still. Somewhere around 2010/2011 Hells forgot to turn off GM codes for awakes off and someone figured out how to awake his stuff with codes. The guy offered me to do that to my gear and I accepted it, I became the strongest bladeposter and got caught later for having suspicious equips by Mariella. - Sorry Hells

    Before Insanity Flyff I had only played the Original Flyff for a few weeks.

    Previous Staff Experience:
    I used to be a GM for a spanish Flyff Server that was decently populated.

    What are my biggest weaknesses?
    Sometimes when I am too focused on my goal, I tend to forget things around me, I want to get the job finished. It can lead to some misunderstandings.

    My biggest strengths?
    My biggest strength is my competitive mindset, I am a very stubborn person that can do his job well. Being sociable helps me alot with things, I tend to give almost every person the support they need.

    What do you think about Insanity's current state and future?
    At the moment Insanity is in a good state due to the good community we have, but it can always be improved due to some drama. The people here really think together with the GMs and Admins which creates the current state.

    What can you do to improve it?
    I am always trying to make the community more and more active, even as a player I am finding ways to communicate with people in flyff or discord. I am a very active player that could help to create more events and new ideas for the community so people can meet each other rather than being afk. We could also use some more ideas which I could help alot with even as a normal player.

    Why should you hire me:
    I am a very supportive and creative person, I like to create ideas for the community in ways that could make the gameplay/time much more enjoyable for most people. I also have experience in leading and customer service in real life, which helps alot in the role as GM. I am also active daily in discord and in flyff.

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