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    Forum Updates: Forum Bot Shenanigans

    Forum Bot Shenanigans

    We are aware of the sudden influx of spam bots on the forums.

    The issue will be fixed as soon as possible.

    Avoid clicking unknown links and report any suspicious activity.


    How to report a post
    If you see a post that is spam, advertising messages, or problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude), we encourage you to report it. Go to the bottom left corner of the post and click the Report Post button. Fill out the report and press Send Report.




    New Forum Theme!

    The new theme has been set as the default theme for now. If you wish to change back to the old theme, that is possible.
    Scroll down the page and you will find the options menu;



    User Titles & Clean Look

    Hi durr. The Forums have been updated. Besides regular bug fixes, there's a new postbit layout as you can see. Should look much cleaner than before. Also, the "Skype" icon has been fixed with this.

    User titles
    New default titles have been set.



    New Forum Emoticons!

    Use them to your heart desires.

    other recent update: 17-12-2016
    What's up Insanians. It's yah boi.
    .. uhh.

    Quote Notifications
    So, hi. You now get a notification if someone quotes your post with a link to the post.
    All your quotes will show up on a separate tab on your personal profile.

    Tagging Users
    You can now tag users using the @ sign. It's as simple as typing the @ sign followed by the username.
    After submitting your post the tags will show.
    You get a notification when you get tagged with a link to the post.


    Hi there, it has been a month.

    Added the rest and new emoticons.



    Hi there.

    • Bank interest increased from 2 to 4%

    • Points per post increased from 2 to 4

    • Points per thread increased from 5 to 10

    • Removed Orange Shop, Orange Tickets & Lotteries

    • Added Username Change to regular shop

    • Added Custom Title Change to regular shop

    • I'll be inactive as Forum Admin from tuesday onward

    Items should be more affordable now.
    I know name change is expensive. I'm up for suggestions.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hells View Post
    Hello guys,

    As you noticed, we moved the forum to a new host.
    Please make sure you clean your cookies and history from your browser in order to avoid any problems such as redirects and errors while reading/posting on our forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hells View Post
    Hello guys,

    Wik has disabled the facebook connectivity button and now forum should be bug free again.
    Please report if you find any more bugs regarding our forums, connection and posting and such.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hells View Post
    Sorry for the down time, Forum has been upgraded from 4.2.2 to 4.2.3 Patch level 2.
    Much more secure and faster now hopefully !


    New Spoilers & Future Updates

    Hello! Because -someone- kept asking for custom spoiler titles.. Here you go!

    Old spoiler (image only)

    New spoiler

    Plus, they look much fancier, right?

    • How to create a custom spoiler title?
      Spoilers still work the same way with [spoiler][/spoiler] tags, therefore spoilers you may have created in your thread and/or signature will remain.

      To add your own title simply add this to the tags;
      [spoiler="Your Title Goes Here"]Hidden Content Goes Here[/spoiler]

    • I'll be bringing some more forum updates again, soon™

    • LOOKING FOR one potential Forum Moderator. If you're interested, hit me up. Requirements; knowledge of Insanity, decent level of English, ability to give proper, professional & informative replies, and well.. you should be active on the Forums?

    Aye, that's it for now. Have a beautiful day, night, week.


    Do you like the new background & banner? Me too! Hehe.

    This week's menu
    • Changed background and banner picture
    • Changed logo back (Merry Christmas!)
    • Cleaned the chat, fixed the broken button images
    • Fixed drop-down login menu
    • Fixed positioning of login/banner when logged out
    • Added our social media links on the Forums (top left)
    • Some minor bug fixes you probably didn't notice, hurr
    • Do you like my freaky avatar?
    • I like making this list look long on first sight.
    • But then you get to these lines and realize it's not that great
    • Or is it?! Yeh, it's quite alright I'd say

    One - Two - Three

    Have a wonderful day!

    Event Section Re-arranged

    Forum Point Shop Updates!

    • Permanent items got removed. This to make infinite Forum Points not possible anymore.
    • There is now styles for 3, 7 or 15 days.
    • You now have to visit the Bank to collect your interest.
    • Username Change added.
    • Forum Points got wiped~
    • PERMANENT/switchable titles added!
    • Lottery re-activated. Collect Orange Tickets in the lottery to access the Orange Shop with premium items.

    New way of stealing/banking will be introduced at a later date.

    As you have probably noticed, all name colors etc. are gone. The Forum Point Shop is offline.
    This is because the forum moderation team is working on revamping the shop, and making it more user-friendly.

    We thank you for your patience as we update and improve the current system.

    We have removed SOTW due to lack of participants.

    As you might have noticed, we've had a couple Forum updates in the past week.
    Here's a list of what has been updated and what is yet to come.

    • give Premium some more advantages;
      + Awesome fabulous username sparkly sparkles
      + Custom User Rank badge 'Premium'
      + Increased Avatar & Profile Picture maximum File-Size
      + Can upload Animated Avatar, Profile Picture & Group Icon
      + Increased maximum message storage
      + Can manage Visitor Messages within own profile
      + Can delete Tags on own thread
      + Can nominate others for Awards (vBActivity)
      + Increased maximum number of images in Signature by 1 (5)
      + Can view who read a thread
    • Changed forum theme (still under construction)
    • Created new section: Technology - can be found in the Entertainment category
    • Divided more sections to organize things better: Events, Player Events, Winners/Past Events
    • Guides; Class Guides, Leveling Guides, Money Making Guides, Miscellaneous Guides, Request A Guide
    • Graphics; Workshops, Requests
    • Renamed Player to Player Support to Questions and Answers with sub-sections; Technical & Bug Questions + Resolved
    • Revamped section descriptions to be me descriptive
    • Re-done Staff list design
    • Replaced the old Forum Moderators (here)
    • Added Developer and Founder User Rank
    • Removed the Arcade
    • Fixed Like button (some users couldn't use/see it. Done this about a month ago though)
    • Removed 'manage own visitor messages' from Registered Users
    • Increased maximum size for Profile Pictures
    • Re-organized smilies
    • Added Homepage linkback in the Navigation Menu Bar
    • First post(main thread) will show on all pages in certain sections
    • Users now require a minimum of 10 posts before they are displayed on the memberlist
    • Sorted all unmoderated posts and threads before updating the theme
    • Faster loading times on heavier pages (after loading the new theme once)
    • Updated the Forum Web Server
    • Fixed minor bugs

    Yet to be added;
    • Revamp/add more Post Icons
    • Add more smilies
    • change icon at url bar
    • dd custom (FlyFF) cursor
    • Make all users able to see deletion notices
    • Make FAQ in navbar link to FAQ thread
    • Re-write FAQ
    • Add more forum achievements, custom titles, trophies
    • Add Guild items to the Forum Point Shop

    New User Ranks added for post count.

    - Bugfixes with the vBShop and Arcade.

    If you have lost your user title with this update, please send me a PM.

    Forum chatbox has been removed. Instead we will be using the old xat chatbox again.
    Link can be found on the Navigation bar on the Forums. (will open in a new tab)

    Currently adding a couple games to the Arcade. I hope you like some of them. XD

    More items have been added to vBshop, more will be added regarding stealing.
    Added these, totally forgot about them:

    vBshop is now enabled, you can buy some items there.
    More items will be added later.

    The Forums are pretty much done.

    A couple things are still on my list:
    - Set up vBShop fully
    - Set up the Arcade with a couple games

    Let me know in a PM if you find any bugs or things I may have missed.

    Regarding Premium users on the old Forums :
    PM me with the email address you used to pay for the Premium.

    Last edited by Kona; 23rd November 2017 at 03:55 AM.

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    Default Re: Forum Updates

    Did you enjoy your April Fools? ^^

    Forums have been updated. Read the first post to see what's new ^

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    Default Re: Forum Updates

    Forum Updates!

    ^Read the first post.

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    Default Re: Forum Updates: Forum Bot Shenanigans

    Forum updates!
    Read the first post^^


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