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Thread: Q&A Guidelines

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    Default Q&A Guidelines

    Before you create a thread in the support section, make sure you read through the following.

    Tables of content:
    I. Important links
    II. Guidelines of a Q&A thread
    III. Common technical issues

    Important links:

    Guidelines of Questions and Answers:
    1. Please use the search function before you create any thread: it's highly likely someone else experienced the same problem.

    2. Relevant title: when creating a thread in the Questions and Answers section, make sure your title is relevant to your problem. Having a relevant title is important because other users can easily identify similar threads or search for threads with identical issues.
      • A good example; DC whenever I move to the market.

    3. Provide as much information in your post as possible: a brief explanation of your issue, when or where does the issue occur, provide screenshots, provide possible error logs (InsanityFlyFF > Log > latest file), provide your computer specs if the issue is technical related and etc.

    4. Refrain from spam and/or non-contributing posts: this goes for both the topic starter and those responding. Q&A threads seek an answer or serve a purpose, please refrain from responding with useless posts and/or repeating the same answer without additional information.

    5. Stay on-topic: your thread may help other users as well, that's why it's important to keep Q&A threads as compressed as possible.

    Common problems:

    Any errors relating to the patcher and/or client?:

    Character stuck in-game?
    • Open Menu, click on: Private Shop.
    • Click "O" and click on Nearest Town Teleport.
    • Relog or restart your client.
    • Contact a GM in-game or through the forums and they will re-locate you.
    • Make sure you have the latest client if you're stuck in a patched map (Christmas Map, Halloween Map and etc).

    Frequent crashes/DCs?
    • Make sure you differentiate between a crash and a DC; crashes are usually client/device (PC/laptop) related whilst DCs are usually network related.
    • Make sure the server isn't down for maintenance, refer to this thread: Log-In Server Down Thread!
    • Make sure Neuz.exe and the Launcher are both included in your Firewall exclusion list or simply turn off your Firewall.
    • If your crash is preceded by intense lag or teleportation into highly populated areas (Market); lower your graphics, disable Item effect and lower your resolution.
    • If your crash is the result of a new item in your inventory; download the latest client and contact a member of the staff to (temporarily) remove the item from your inventory.
    • If you crash whenever you try to open a second client whilst your character is in-game; read this guide: Guide to prevent main client from freezing or open your second client when you're in the login screen, the character selection screen or the server selection screen.
    • Do you crash when opening a player's shop?: completely delete and re-download/install the game.

    Downloaded file disappeared upon completion?
    • Disable your Anti-Virus; your AV deems the file harmful and has deleted it. I assure you that the file is clean of viruses.

    Missing borders of your client?
    • Lower or increase your resolution (depending on your native resolution; make sure your in-game resolution is supported by your native resolution). If your in-game client is too big to change your resolution, change it through your patcher and/or change it manually through your neuz.ini file, which can be found in your InsanityFlyFF folder.
    • Change your client to fullscreen if it's not already.

    Player Support :: Open Ticket giving you an invalid link?
    • Use the website to submit a ticket or use the forum's toolbar to submit a ticket:

    No response to your ticket?
    • Please be patient; first of all the staff has to address many issues so it can take time until they reach your enquiry.
    • If you have gotten no response for over 72 hours; contact a staff member through alternate means.

    Questions about farming/classes/leveling?
    • Get your ass to the right section and read some of the guides and previously asked questions.

    Transmutation problems?
    • Make sure the item you want to transmute corresponds with your used item's class, type and slot (wings don't transmute with masks!)
    • Don't transmute animated wings with non-animated ones, it's mentioned many times on many mediums but make sure you don't do it.

    Significant drop in EXP?
    • Make sure you have all the available EXP boosters: Lord's EXP event, ES Amplification scrolls*3, Insanity EXP Pots (150% & 300%), leechers, party on contribution settings.
    • Make sure you are in the best potential leveling areas, refer to these guides: Leveling/Farming/Bosses quick help guide and The quickest road to 300
    • Are you Lv. 290? You'll receive far less experience from 290~300.

    Not receiving your vote points (soon to be IP)?
    • First look whether your votes have registered; if you can still click on Vote Now, it means it hasn't registered.
    • If it hasn't registered, make sure you have an existing character on your account.
    • If it hasn't registered and you have an existing character, make sure to clean your cache & cookies and try again.

    Posted image too small?
    • Use an image hosting site; upload your picture on the hosting site then post the BBCode in your post or use the link within ["IMG"] and ["/IMG"] tags (without quotation marks). I'd recommend Imgur as an hosting site.

    Not receiving any exp at certain intervals?
    • Select/advance/change your job.

    Want to use profile pics/signatures/avatars?
    • Click on Settings on your user toolbar and you'll find the proper tools.

      Again; please make sure to use an image hosting site!
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