Hello guys,

Recently i noticed players like Shah ( played by jordi ) have used 3rd party tools to crash you guys in game, in siege, or attacked your home IP and made any other kind of threats.
I just wanted to inform you i have banned all this players and i will fuck any players that will do shit again on the server towards the legit players.

So yeah, if you guys see any hackers,exploiters in game please pm me on forum or at [email protected] and i will take care of them with a nice sweet ban and delete of characters.

BTW keep an eye on Reign guild, they are friends of that hacker so if any of them make a bad move tell me so i can fuck them up.

Yeah Reign guild you, i do not care of you are donor or not donor, if you do any anything wrong at ALL you will get fucked.

Bye bye Jordi and Reign.