Welcome to the Guild House!

This section will be used to allow you to post things to your guild mates or fellow guilds. Though this is a "general chat" section for guilds keep in mind that it will be monitored by our staff. If you wish to talk to guild mates in a free environment then please proceed to make your own forums. This section is made for GuildMasters that don't want to take the time to manage their own forums.

Possible Use for this Section:

- Give your legion updates on recent events going on
- Allows you to post any major news about your legion
- Create guild alliances
- Promote activity not only on the forum but within your guild
- Used to ask guilds what they do without having to contact them in-game or through PM/VM

Rules for this Section:

1. General rules apply to this section as well as any other section. Please review here: http://forums.insanityflyff.com/misc.php?do=vsarules
2. Though you are allowed to post general/random things within the threads please keep the spam to a minimum. *This section does not contribute to your post count*
3. This section is not a recruit section. If you wish to make a recruit forum please do so in the recruit section.
4. This section also isn't for promoting your items you wish to sell. If you want to make a B/S/T thread do so in the market section. Keep in mind Guild Market threads are still illegal.
5. With Guild Alliances please keep the threads to a minimum. Currently we will only allow up to 3 threads in this section. This means 1 guild thread and 2 Alliance threads. For example: [Noobs], [Noobs + Noobs2], [Noobs + Noobs3] These extra threads allow for easier planning for events and possible meetings.

Keep everything respectful. If there is any disrespect a post will be deleted. If the disrespect continues a player will be banned from the forums. This section doesn't give you free range of rampaging on other members.

**These rules are subject to change depending on how things go with this section. Keep in mind that staff members hold all the rights to remove posts just like with any other section. As well as edit any post. Again basic rules must be applied to this section.**

This section will be placed up for testing for now. If this section gets out of hand it will be removed.