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Thread: League of Legends

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    Default Re: League of Legends

    This game is good but the community is pure cancer, so I only play when Flyff is down or I'm together with my friends (and yes, its possible to play both games and have a real life friend at the same time)

    IGN: BlackDiggerNick
    Level: I peaked at Platinum 1 at s6, and was platinum 1 when I stopped playing
    Server: PH
    Main Champ(s): Gangplank, Gangplank, and, Gangplank. Well I cheated on him and used Master Yi to get from gold 5 to atleast platinum 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simen View Post
    that was for season 6, this season however...horrible, its solely balanced around high communicative plays and teamfights which is impossible to get outside of professional gameplay. u can be up 5 kills on ur oponents within the first 10 mins of the game and still be irrelevant cus of the "comeback" mechanics

    This. this is why I stopped playing the game. You need teamwork and that rarely exists on the phserver solo queue. Phserver, especially at Platinum tier, its 0.01 teamplay, 99.9% ego. unless someone is hard carrying everyone will do their own thing because everyone there thinks that they are better than their teammates. The only time a team will listen to someone is when that someone has like half the kills the team has. Well whenever I play I just /mute all, because people are very toxic in that tier.

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    Default Re: League of Legends

    Name: Rėkin
    Level: 40 (Gold IV last season, unranked currently).
    Champions: Jhin,Lux,Udyr,Nasus,Vayne,Kayn
    im playing in EUW server

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