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    Default Patch Notes 19.3.18

    Balance Changes

    Planned changes:
    Re-organize 120-300 set effects (so they make sense)
    Source change: SwordCross 1.7x -> 2x
    Not Working: Couldn’t put silence on Armor Penetrate. Give Slayer a Silence somewhere else?
    Bugged: Special One Hand Mastery: Shield + Sword Enabled

    New Balance Discussion Thread

    Sagis Set
    •Increased Health +10% -> Increased Attack 20%
    •Additional Damage of Critical Hits +30%
    •Speed +15%

    ~Sagis Ring+20:
    Dex50; Parry7 -> Dex50; Ia7%

    Pain Dealer: Duration Raised to 5 seconds; -5% Abs -> -10% Abs
    Deadmans Lure: Remove Cooldown/ActionSlot Enabled Increase Scaling x1.5
    Guard: Duration Raised to 5 seconds
    Shield Bash: 1 second cooldown -> 6 second cooldown; 100% stun rate
    Drawing: Only 2H Axe can use this skill
    SwordMastery: Increase Attack 55% -> Increase Attack 65%
    HolyPower: Speed 30%; Pvp+50% -> Pvp 25%

    Conqueror Templar Shield: Strength+30 -> Increased Attack 25%
    Malefic Conqueror Destroyer (2h Axe): Increased Hp145% -> Increased Hp170%

    Templar HP Scaling: -15%hp scaling nerf

    Baraqijal Esna, Fighters instinct, Stonehand, Shades Calamity, Special Knuckle Mastery: MP -> FP Requirement
    Ire of Iblis: +15% Mgc Def; -100% mp
    Bubbles Blessing: +10% Melee Block; -100% pvp

    Enchant of Iron: DMT 40% -> 50% ; Pve 75
    Counterattack: Chance rate raised to 100%; CD raised to 25 seconds
    Critical Swing: Reduce Cooldown to be Action slot enabled
    Whisper Dodge: Added 100% projectile Speed to make..
    .. Pandemonium: skill land much faster (no other Harle skill are affected)

    Aimed Shot: Chance to triple damage increased to 100%; x.85 Scaling; CD increased by 10 seconds; description change
    Silent Arrow: CD Raised to 15 seconds
    Poison Arrow: -5% Range Block > -20% Range Block
    Auto Shot: -20% Range Block > -10% Range Block; x1.7 scaling
    ArrowRain: -50% Speed; Increased Dmg Scaling to match with Fire Arrow
    Ice Arrow: CD increased to 10 seconds; 100% chance to root for 2 seconds
    Wings of the Hawk: Speed 30% > 60%
    Devastating Sting: 30% PVE -> +240% IA / +120% PVP
    Bow Mastery: +120% PVP / +240% IA -> +120% PVE
    Fast Walker: additional 5 second Duration

    Crucio Spell: x2 duration; description change
    Aether Grasp: 5 second cooldown -> 10 seconds
    Samedi’s Embrace: duration reduced to 15 seconds

    Illusionist Set (Pve Mentalist): Speed +15% -> +75% DCT

    Menta HP scaling: -10%

    Astral Moon: Chance Rate 100% -> 50%; duration -> 3 seconds; x.85 Scaling
    Spectral Javelin: Chance Rate 100% -> 50%; duration -> 3 seconds; x.9 Scaling
    Echoes of Weary: Chance Rate 30% -> 50%; duration -> 3 seconds; x.8 Scaling

    Arcanist Hp Scaling: - 10%hp scaling

    Deadly X: Scaling Increased to 1.2x ; 30% chance to -20% speed for 5 second (now action-slot-able)
    Sneaker: -50% speed added
    First Blood: duration -> 10 seconds
    Ultimate Defense: 10 second cooldown -> 16 seconds; duration 4 seconds -> 8 seconds; 80% abs -> +30% abs; -50% PVP -> -30% PVP
    Ultimate Defense: Shield + Sword Enabled

    Platinum Embrace (slayer shield): Increase Def+50% -> Increased Attack 30%

    Slayer Hp Scaling: Increase HP Scaling +10%

    Seraph HP Scaling: Reverted HP Scaling reduction from previous patch (now 1.2x scaling)
    Heal Rain: Matching heal-scaling with Heal

    Added new Emoticons:-

    Bug Fixes

    *Fixed issue with HP Bar stretching for miles if you're in a party,
    *Improved sfx rendering and darkon steam sfx is now considered a SFX,
    *Moved Crystal upgrade goal to server side to prevent the system ignoring your goal if you have high ping,
    *Fixed CESS Usage in safe Upgrader,
    *Fixed Party Allow join option (Please note when allow join is turned off inviting players option will also no longer work),
    *You may notice All Items equipped by all your characters have been unequipped. This is to fix a bug with stuck equipment.

    *Fixed Anime Mask Names

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    Default Re: Patch Notes 19.3.18

    Hotfix 1: Partyfinder doesn't show unable to join parties forever
    Hotfix 2: BG effect doesn't disable setitemsfx
    Hotfix 3 : HP bar visible again
    Hotfix 4: objects gone missing
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